Question Home sweet home?


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Got a friend coming round later this week who is a big horror fan & also a PSVR virgin, I've got a few things for him to try like the Kitchen demo, Resi evil 7, Rush of blood, & affected the manor, Was looking at Home sweet home which seems to have had fairly positive reviews but largely gone under the radar, at £25 on the ps store it's more than i usually like to pay for vr games ( i've been lucky to pick up a whole raft of games across various sales!) Just wondered if anyone on here has any experience of it & would it be worth the money?

P.s. I'm a right wuss when it comes to VR horror! I've still only managed a couple of hours of resi 7 & most horror games involve me ripping my head set off in panic & squealing like a 10 year old girl at the first jump scare:rotfl:


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I will leave it to someone else to advise you about Home Sweet Home (I too intend to get that game at some point). But that's great you are introducing your friend to PSVR!

I'd like to advise you on making your friend's experience on your PSVR the best possible. In fact I wrote a post back in January giving a checklist in optimising the experience for your friend and to avoid tragedy! Hope its of use, particularly with the first point because if your friend has a different IPD, his/her experience can end up being quite poor (as happened with my friend).

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