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I am an amateur solo artist who is in a constant process of writing, recording, rewriting/recording my own material. Due to familiy issues I'm not allowed to use monitors 24/7 much to my disappointment so a headphone replacement looks like a certainty at least for nocternal activity.

The thing is I don't know where to start, which brands, models it just goes passed me. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be eternally grateful. Some more info may be of help to those who can - While away from my studio I use a sketchpad type of recorder ideally I'd like to use the 'cans' for both recording facilities. Also I don't have any kind of fortune to spend so am willing to exchange style, branding for quiality and value.




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of the the of sennheisers i do have, PX100, PX200, CX300, HD 200, HD205, HD212, HD215, HD 433, HD455, HD465, HD470, MAH 40, MAH80, HD25-1's i know i've forgotten a few, but i've had the HD280's in the past and i couldn't get on with them. I thought the bass was too recessed. the detail was there, but they left me wanting.

for isolation, the HD25-1's win hands down. for a non 'noise cancelling' headphones, they are near perfect at cutting out ambient noise.


any way after three months, the headband had cracks and stress fractures on them. the Shop assistant said it was the way i was folding them, but the truth was i'd never folded them. no other HD280 owner seems to have been affected, if they have, they're not telling.

it depends how much you have to spend? i love the HD205 and HD212's, because they have deep (some say overpowering) bass. But the HD215's and the HD280's are a little bit more .....bas shy.

my one bit of advice is, if you want studio headphones and your budget is under £50 then stay with sennheiser. don't stray into Sony territory what ever you do.

having said that, you might want to think about the Equation Audio range. I found a seller on ebay who is the only authorized seller for Equation Audio on ebay, and they ship world wide.


I've got a pair of RP21's which are gaining a massive following.


Hi all, first post for me! I am in the same sort of boat looking for headphones for home studio use when monitors cannot be blasted out at night etc. and I have been looking at the Sen. HD280 Pro, Sen HD25 II, and my favourite I think which is the AKG 271 Studio which retail at £139 but can be had for £80 at Dolphin :smashin:http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/page/shop/flypage/product_id/2299

There doesn't seem to be a massive choice for closed headphones for studio use which have an 'honest' sound for detecting detail without a heavy bass. What I was also hoping to to find was a set of cans for the studio and also for general PC use (games and music) but for music and games more bass would be required which sucks for studio use. So I have read that whilst audiophiles say the AKGs are a little bass light, this may be rectified with a headphone amp as some have reported that using an amp boosts the bass somewhat. So I was gonna use them without amp for studio and with for music and games. I suppose it all depends on what I pay for an amp as to weather its worth it to not get two different cans for two different uses! Still thinking...:confused:

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