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Home/Small office network back up


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Hi all, first post so please be gentle...

My Background:
I need a way of creating a back up for all my music, pictures etc and files for my wife's business. The business side of it will need to have access via internet for when she is at work.
Ideally files will be able to be saved/updated direct on to a back up hard drive connected to my router. I will also need something so a printer can be connected to the router/back up drive some how so we can print from any of the pc's/laptop in the house.

It would be useful if there is a one click option on my wifes laptop so she can do a back up whenever she wants to (instead of waiting for me all the time with a portable hard drive)

I currently have a PC and 2 laptops on a wireless router network with a portable 500gig hard drive I use for backing up. The router has spare ethernet slots. I'm looking to get something like a 1.5tb hard drive as i have almost filled the 500 gig one already and with a baby on the way im guessing i will be taking more and more pictures.

ANother thing I forgot it would be good if i can use the hard drive to store my itunes playlist etc and link them to my sound systme from the PC i have

Hope you can help
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sounds like you need a "NAS" - network attached storage

in its simplest form - a hard drive connected to the router with an ethernet cable and visible by all PCs on the network

I would recommed one with at least 2 drives (mirrored so you have basic protection from a drive failure)

Most mid range will host a shared USB printer

Most will have some built in backup software - so you just press a button and it backs up all the PCs you have pre-defined

A good one will do all you want and a ton more, and become the centre of the network, make sure to connect via a seperate gigabit switch for best performance

Look for brands like Readynas (Netgear), QNAP, Synology, Buffalo, Iomega(EMC)

there are so many threads on here about the pros n cons of various models n solutions, happy reading :smashin:

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