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I'm after some help from people in the know! I'm not hugely into my gadgets or sound systems but am moving into a new house and want to "man up" with my home music / speaker set up!!
Existing equipment, laptop, separate hard drive contains music and an iPad (despite not being hugely knowledgable on iTunes / Apple)
I have approx £1k to spend and was thinking of AV receiver and soundbar to boost TV and wifi connectivity to play music in that room (currently use spotify a lot) and then looking at 2 devices for kitchen and bedroom that can all be remotely controlled. I have seen a Pure Sensia which looks funky for these options? Any help gratefully received!


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Have a look into sonos if you want multi room connectivity. Super easy to use, wife friendly, very versatile.


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Yep, Sonos PLAYBAR and a couple of PLAY:3s would do that job fine, but you'll need to shop 2nd hand to get in at £1k

Mr Nook

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Sorry to threadjack slightly but I was also thinking of starting up a Sonos system.

I reckon I need a bridge and one Sonos unit in the (average sized) living room to start with but am unsure whether to get the Sonos 5 or splash out nearly double on the Playbar. It's not particularly for the TV but I'd like to go for wall mounting with good quality sound (probably mainly iTunes, TuneIn Radio & Spotify).

Any advice appreciated.



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It's not particularly for the TV....Any advice appreciated.

PLAYBAR is pricey compared to a CONNECT AMP and a pair of bookshelf speakers, which will sound better and give you proper stereo.

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