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Hello, I am going for a vacation with my family so I would like to know about some security measures that I should take.. while searching online there is a lot of blogs with smart ideas. Blogs like this are interesting but don't know how much practical it is and the technologies shared here may be expensive. Anybody have any better ideas.. Please advice…..
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My personal solution for this has been to start building my home automation system based on zwave with a Vera Edge controller.

I've added motion and door sensors and setup an alarm as part of it, which texts and emails, it can attach stills or video from cctv.

Add to this I've incorporated lighting and my AV to the system.
When I'm home it's handy as my office and bathroom lights are on motion and lamps are both timed and based on lux levels.
My tv etc turns on/off through the harmony remote plugin.

I'm building a vacation schedule/randomizer which will turn the lamps on/off at different times (within Windows of time for realism) and also turn the tv and sky on for small periods every couple of days. Say 2/3 hours every few days in the evening.

You can add smoke alarms, flood sensors, blinds, curtains and alsorts if you like.
Your imagination is the limiting factor.

A basic system with a few sensors, control unit and a plug or two for lamps start around 250. This will email and sms you based on your rules.
I'm nearing the £1k mark but every room is monitored for motion, temp, light, humidity and I've got lights in every room controlled by it, my heating system also.

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If you want a cheap option to inform you of a break in , there's a clever little gadget actually designed for use on a vehicle . It's a GPS tracker , simply insert a SIM card in and it will notify you of any changes . The unit sends text massages out and informs you the exact GPS location ,you arm/disarm/put in standby by texting the unit back.

Yes , that's fine if someone actually steals your house :)

No , it's the extra technology that this unit has which is interesting. There is a panic button ......someone infirm in the house can activate the button and it dials out. There is a microphone ........ text the unit up and hear who is in the room .You can attached a siren .............if the unit is activated ,send a text to switch on the siren to warn off intruders .
Fit something like this to a door to your office/garage or anything you want to guard and it will do the rest .

The best bit , for all this technology .................it will cost you £19 plus postage and a SIM card.

I bought 2 units to try ,initially for vehicles but they have so many other uses .

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