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I'm considering buying a few wireless web-cams to watch the front and back of my house and need some advice!

I've been having problems with some Feral Teenagers (are there any other kind in this country any more?) climbing all over my garage roof and throwing stones at my windows. Obviously I can't do anything about it because the law is there to protect these little hell spawns; not help the tax payer. Shouting at these walking flesh-bags of genetic failure does nothing but encourage them to come back again later. :mad:

So all we can do is ignore them and hope they get bored; when they were first climbing on the garage roof the wife noticed and knocked on the window; big mistake of course because now they know it bothered someone. Not her fault though; she comes from a country where youngsters are generally polite and well-behaved because people are allowed to give them a tap about the head if they are miss-behaving. (lol, I sound like some old fart but honestly...)

So ideally I would like something that I can hide on the window behind the glass that will provide good picture quality (HD if poss) and record the scum when they are causing problems; hopefully this will help the police actually do something about it (they are always gone by the time the police arrive).

Two Cameras would do and I have a wi-fi router. I don't mind leaving my PC on either while I'm trying to get this issue resolved so I'm hoping there may be some good free software to record input from 2 wireless cameras?

If so; what would be the best software and wireless cams to get? on a reasonable budget.
Thanks! :)


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Aside from a traditional CCTV system, and if you want to have the flexibility to have remote viewing, recording and other features, you might also want to consider IP cameras (wired or wireless).

IP cameras are invariably stand alone and can be used either independently or with an NVR (network video recorder - both hardware or software based) and usually comes with free NVR software so you can turn your computer into a recording system (so you don't need to buy a separate recorder unit.

In additon, once they are hooked up with your broadband router, you can then remotely view them whenever you want from anywhere from another computer or even your mobile.

Admittedly IP cameras can be a little more expensive than some of the other conventional cctv systems mentioned here, but if you are going to invest in something like this I would urge you not to go for the cheapest since the quality of the camera and the output should strongly considered.

As for placing cameras on the inside of windows looking out, as I have pointed out in some other threads, you have to be careful - if you have Infrared LED lights on the camera you have then they will reflect back into the lens and ruin the image (especially at night time when your use of the camera is probably going to be most relevant), without any IR LEDs you will need to consider how you are going to have to ensure there is suffiecent light outside to get good quality images/video, and also if you have a motion sensor on the camera that may not work through glass - all in all there are perhaps more compromises than benefits of doing it this way.

If you are serioud about a camera acting as both a detterent and useful security device then I would recommend go for cameras are outdoor specific, has multiple types of sensors (motion, PIR, etc), has infrared night vision and, most importantly, a good quality lens....oh and is wifi capable (save you having to run loads of cables).

Lots to think about and hope the above helps in those thoughts.



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A CCTV system is all well and good but it may not deter them from climbing walls , entering your property etc .I would try and block their ways of climbing onto the roof etc . There is afew things you can buy to deter them , anti-climb paint for instance . There is also plastic type spikes you can put on the top of walls . Remember years ago , folk would cement broken glass on the tops of walls in their yard .I think that may be outlawed now [pity]. These things may just help to put these scallys off . How about some security lights too ?

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