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Home router with bandwidth throttling


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Hi again,

Does anyone know of a home router which has the ability to throttle bandwidth on a per client basis?

Reason I ask is that there is someone in our house which I know has some kind of virus(es) which I've sorted nine gazillion times and cannot be arsed to do again as they'll get the same ones back again within hours. I know how they're getting them and have explained what is happening but they take no notice. I've had emails from my ISP saying we're sending spam etc. Everytime his laptop is switched on our broadband grinds to a halt and it's like being on dialup.

Anyway, with the right wireless router, I'll allocate them a fixed IP address with a DHCP reservation based on their MAC address and thottle it to about 2 meg.

Any ideas on hardware?


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I would just use the router settings to block his MAC address and tell him to get his own mobile broadand dongle if he wants to go online.
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yep simple mate, just tell him he cannot use the internet untill he sorts it out.

to be honest the filters on home routers are not great and may slow everything up a bit more.
but if you really want to do it google "dd-wrt" and see if they have a solution for you. not at home right now but I believe they do have some features that allow for throttling :)


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I'd be more inclined to stop their Internet access and even their LAN access completely until the PC is cleaned up. Even if you limit their Internet access there's the risk of other viruses being on it and infecting other PCs in the house. I believe PC users should have a duty of care to not allow their PCs to be used by virus/worm writers.

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