Home rewiring - tv network advice? TV Aerial??


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Hi, i am just in the process of refurbing a house inluding a full rewire. I would like to be able to watch streamed TV in the upstairs roms. My incoming cable/ satelite and therefore router will be downstairs. I was considering buying a 10m ethernet cable and running to loft then using a splitter port to allow feeds to each room vial loft. any thoughts or advice? should i be considering someone to come and wire CAT6 for me or just use standard lengths myself from the internet?

any thoughts on TV aerial - should i bother getting a new one or will i be able to pick a live tv signal via the above?

not very knowledgable on this so any help/ advice is appreciated.


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Cat5e/6 idea with switch in loft is fine.

Do 2 cat5e/6 runs from lounge TV console [where all your AV boxes are] to [your] master bedroom. This will do the HDMI link to give you HD and IR control of lounge equipment.

You can do more than one location but always run 2 runs for HDMI link.

Aerial wise. Just a drop to every room you want a freeview aerial to [bedrooms, kitchen, etc] back to loft and bung an aerial in the loft to run it.

Telephone. Just daisy chain from the master. But you can branch off in the chain :)


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i intend the living room to be the point of incoming signal (sky/ Virgin), are you saying i should run 2 cat6 from this point to the switch in the loft, then from that switch run 2 lines to each point i want HDMI/ IR (probably a further 4 rooms). If so i guess id be better buying a roll of cat6 and wiring the ends myself?

any pointers for cheap suppliers?
much appreciated


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No. Keep network and HDMI over cat5e/6 links separate.

So do all your network drops back to the loft [with one back to the router/hub] so you can use a switch to provide network to each point.

Run 2x runs of cat5e/6 from your lounge AV corner to each TV you want to have HD linked.

So 2 to the bedroom, 2 to the kitchen etc etc.

This setup is separate to the Internet runs you run in.

eBay or local electrical wholesalers. DON'T BUY CCA. make sure it says Cat5e or Cat6.


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please accept my apologies for my ignorance on this.
so basically from where my sky/ virgin enter the house and feed the first tv i run 2 cables to the loft (1 for internet/streaming, 1 for HDMI over cat6) i can then split this in the loft and run 2 feeds to each room (again 1 for internet/streaming, 1 for HDMI over cat6) I assume i can terminate into a HDMI & ethernet wall plates easy enough?

any thoughts on a suitable box/ splitter for the loft?


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You are mixing up Ethernet distriubtion and HDMI over cat cab,e distribution. Although they can use the same cab,e type they have very different distriubtion methods.

Your plan for data networking is fine, running a cat cable from your router to the loft, with a switch in the loft to allow cables to be dropped to other rooms. I personally run two cables to each location to allow for a bit of flexibility. If you choose to you can also use cat cable for phones too if you prefer to avoid using many different cable types. It can be punched down onto the idc connectors of phone modules/faceplates quite successfully although it only uses one pair of the 4 in each cable. You could take one cable from your master socket up to the loft, have drops from there to where ever you want an extra socket, and simply join the cables n the loft with an idc coupler.

For HDMI over Cat distribution you need to run one or two cat cables from your AV hub to all TVs. You will needs a cat cable matrix to split the signal and to provide IR control back from the mote TV locations. If you use a technology called HdBaseT then you can use a single cable for each run from AV hub to TV, however these are more expensive than the older distribution systems that require two cat cables from the matrix/hub to each TV.

HDMI distribution can be a bit of a minefield so I would suggest speaking to HD Connectivity or Joe from THe Media Factory about your requirements (how many different sources to how many screens) so they can give you an idea on what kit would work and how much it costs.

Finally don't forget to put in some decent coax cable for normal aerial distribution/Freeview. Look for pf100/wf100 or similar double copper screened cable and avoid cheap coax!


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please accept my apologies for my ignorance on this.
so basically from where my sky/ virgin enter the house and feed the first tv i run 2 cables to the loft (1 for internet/streaming, 1 for HDMI over cat6) i can then split this in the loft and run 2 feeds to each room (again 1 for internet/streaming, 1 for HDMI over cat6) I assume i can terminate into a HDMI & ethernet wall plates easy enough?

any thoughts on a suitable box/ splitter for the loft?

Nope. Completely wrong.

You are installing 2 systems. Yes. They use the same cable which is cat5e OR cat6. But they don't come near each other or connect to each other.

From your router/broadband modem run a cat5e/cat6 to the loft. From this point run more cat5e/cat6 to where you desire a wired Internet point. Note. This is nothing to do with HDMI or TV. This is data/Internet only! So run one [2 is most common] to where you want to provide Internet. Yes I am repeating myself on purpose.


For TV, FROM the AV corner in the lounge [where the sky box, virgin box, ps3, Xbox, HTPC, etc are all located] run a couple CAT6 to EACH TV you want to be able to watch any of the sources in another room AND control it.

Not to the loft, not daisy chained or split. TWO runs to EACH telly. So if you want your bedroom, your kitchen and your dungeon to be able to watch Ace of Cakes in HD. That totals 3 TVs [not including your lounge one] so that would total SIX separate runs of CAT6 sat in the corner of your lounge.

When you've wired all this. Report back. We'll show you the HDMI with IR over CAT6 baluns to buy and the matrix box to control it all.


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I have read the thread a couple of times and not completely sure what you are trying to achieve. :confused:

I mostly agree with jammyb2004 and neilball on what they advise and I use HDBaseT myself which works great. So you only need one cable per "HDMI" run which can save a bit of money\work, but running an additional cable is always a good idea.

However that means you are effectively going to be viewing the same channel on Sky\Virgin on each extra TV as you are in the lounge. Is this what you mean to do?

Depending on your budget and what you are trying to achieve there are a few options.

Do you have Sky or Virgin TV and are you considering additional boxes elsewhere so you can watch difference channels in each room. Although Sky and Virgin use coax to transport their TV signals its slightly different.

Since you are rewiring I would recommend considering:-

With Sky for example you can get a Quad LNB on the satellite dish and feed an Multiswitch (ISYS - not to be confused with a Loft Box and make sure if you do it is compatible with a Quad LNB alot aren't), you can combine the feed with a Freeview aerial (and DAB\FM too) so that you run all the signals down one coax wire to each room. For a Sky+ HD box you need two cables to allow dual recording. You then get a wall socket like this in each room.
Triax 304109

Please note if you have a TV with Freesat then you will need a third cable to each room.

Although this will cost some money this gives you the flexibility of being able to have a Sky Box\TV in each room separately. If you are subscribing to Sky Multiroom you will also need a phone socket in each room to connect to the Sky Box.

Virgin is a bit different as there isn't a way of combining aerial signals and Virgin TV signals so would need to run separate Coaxes to each room for Virgin and have a splitter where the Virgin signal comes in. Normally Virgin will wire it up for you but they will route the cables the quickest way which may be along skirting, in and out of house etc.

On top of that then you have your CAT5\6 cabling to put in and work out where to run it from which the others have described.


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One important point that I don't think has been made so far is that you should wire your cables in the loft into a patch panel, not directly into the switch. That will allow you to make connections around the house that don't go through the switch, such as for HDMI over Ethernet or for the telephone. This will give you much greater flexibility over the use of all of these cables.

I understand that you do need to be careful not to accidentally connect equipment up to other equipment that it's not supposed to connect to, though, since they have different voltages (or whatever - I'm not an electrical engineer!).

Take a look at the thread in my signature if you want to see how I approached this :) My patch panel is clearly shown so you can see what it is physically. It's just a panel with a bunch of sockets that you wire all of the cables into. From there, you can use short Ethernet cables (patch cables) either to connect up to the switch (for your standard network/internet connectivity) or to other sockets on the patch panel if you want to make a direct, point-to-point connection (for other purposes).

Some people may also advise you to run coax cables for distributing satellite TV. I only mention this; I can't advise on it as I didn't do it (no particular need). I may be wrong, but I think the need for that will diminish in future as my guess is that things will go towards a solution whereby the various feeds (Internet, cable, satellite...) will all go into a central technical location and will then be streamed to the different viewing/listening points over the internal network.

Based on my experience, I'd say go ahead and do it yourself. There's nothing especially difficult about it - the hardest parts (for me) were the physical bits of cutting channels (chasers) into the walls where I didn't already have available cable runs, and I got a plasterer in to do all of that.

Have you also thought about installing wires for surround speakers etc?

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