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Hi all, I was just wondering if someone could give me advice on some home renovation?

I am in the process of purchasing half of my sister's share of my late father's house. The house is great but in all fairness it needs some work done - new boiler/central heating, re-wire, some doors filling, new doors adding, plastering, new kitchen & bathroom - nothing too substantial, no extensions or the like but certainly a fair amount of work.

What is the best way to approach this? Do I speak to a builder to give me a price for all work or is it best getting individual people in for each of the jobs? I'm a bit of a DIY/building dunce so not entirely sure what order it would be best to do things in should we go ahead with all of the work?

Thanks in advance and anticipation!


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All depends how much time you have vs how big a bill you handle.
If you want one company to come in and complete the lot
It's gonna cost a fair few pennies.
I'm doin mine at the moment i'm trying to prepare everything
Then getting plasterers in.
Steep learning curve but i'm saving a few bob
i've got time on my hands though.
I'll be doin all the painting..but i'm not gonna try wallpapering
Takes a while
I tried getting a quote for the entire job ..but there was alot of head shaking..and very big numbers being mentioned
That's if they would even quote..if they cant see the bare walls they are very reluctant to quote .
But our flat is 150 yrs old and hasnt had any interior
Work done for 15yrs.

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I won't be doing much apart from clearing the house so the majority/all of the work will be done by professionals - apart from the decorating, I can do that!

Keeping the cost down is essential for me as we are stretching ourselves on the house as it is. Would you say getting individuals in to do each task would be the most money efficient? Would you start with an electrician to do a full re-wire and then look in to the boiler/radiators?

I'm guessing the kitchen, plastering and decorating are the end jobs, once the "base" jobs in terms of electrical and gas have been done?


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Could maybe get central heating and sparky in At same time. As walls would need breaking. Might safe a bob or two

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