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Forever I have wanted to do a floating wall setup. It might be considered old school now but I've always wanted one including a PJ setup. Last year we bought our first house and spent some time redecorating and renovating the garden and kitchen (I'll post sime pictures of that too) but for me I've still always dreamed of having a floating wall and PJ.

I'll start with the garden:

We had a big low maintanence back garden with a gravel pit that our two year old just used to love eating all the gravel, we could not be outside without him eating it. Plus we just didn't like it. There was also an old piece of driveway and a lean-too that ran down the side of the house to the gate at the font that was just unused. So we dug the gravel out, filled it with sand and lay some artificial grass down where the sandpit was and under the lean-too on top of the old driveway.

I then sanded down and pressure washed the decking to remove all the mould and stained it a nice grey. There were also some coach lanterns that the previous owner had nailed onto the fence panels and wired them to a plug socket, so I ripped them down and got an electrician to come wire up some downlights to each fence post properly. The results of the garden are now in the shared album below.

Garden Renovation

Next up was the kitchen, just a rip out and replace of the old essentially. It was in a worse condition that we thought when we first bought the place, it had a huge 110cm range cooker which only one cavity worked with no heating control, the drawers and cupboards fell apart pretty much straight away. No joking, my wife pulled a drawer open one day and the face just came straight off. We hadn't anticipated getting the kitchen done so soon but it was unusable and unsafe as out two year old could reach the knobs and turn the gas on (which he had done a few times as there were no safety mechanisms to stop them turning. Results can be seen in the shared album below.

Kitchen Makeover

Now onto the living room and PJ setup!

Unfortunately I don't have any before and after photos of what's been done to the living room but essentially the room is 6.4m long by 3.3m wide. It's a combination living room\dining room.

Before it was all dado rail, textured wall paper at the top and heavily flower patterened on the bottom. We just didn't like it, so we stripped all the wall paper and dado rail down, hung some lining paper and painted the room dulux brilliant white and the TV wall is dulux soft truffle.

We've been happy with it for the year that we've had it, but now it's time for an upgrade. As I said earlier I have always wanted a floating wall setup. So I setout to build one last weekend. Pictures can be found in the shared album below. I have also built a pelmet to hide the wall mounted projector screen.

Floating Wall and PJ

The equipment cabinet is an IKEA Besta one and measures 240cm. The floating wall measures 244cm which leaves a 2cm overhand each side which conceals a LEDMO LED light strip that I bought off of Amazon. Inside the cabinet where the glass doors are are also some small LED lights that I bought from Maplins. These are all controlled via my Echo dot running on smart plugs. I've added some scenes as the rest of the lighting is Philips Hue LUX bulbs. I also have a Logitech Touch and am thinking of coupling it with a Harmony Hub so I can set the lights scenes when I start films.

I just need to finish sanding the wood filler down, then it's down to priming it and then painting it then the floating wall part should be finished. I have some speaker connectors (THESE) that I need to cut out for the speakers. The speakers will be Dali Zensor 3's and a Vokal 1 center, driven by a Denon AVR-X2400H. The rears will be Dali Zensor 1's. I'll be going for a 5.1.2 setup, I'm still undecided about getting ceiling speakers or upward fireing Atmos enabled add on speakers.

The TV is an old Samsung 50" plasma PC50C680. I just can't bring myself to upgrade it, I think the picture quality is outstanding personally and will be sad to see it go when it finally packs up, but I've decided I'll be keeping it until it does pack up.

The projector screen is a 92" Duronic bought off of Amazon and will be paired with a BenQ W2000 PJ (I'm holding out for a black friday deal to purchase it). The screen is electric but has a manual button that needs to be pushed to control the up and down, however I've found a genius DIY thread from here and turning them into 12v trigger switches instead so I'll be following those instructions.

Next job is to get the wood cut to size to cover the box that is hiding the projector and then start getting creative with trunking. Since I don't have a plug socket on the wall by the PJ screen I need to run the cable in trunking on the side wall in the corner to conceal it and also run the long HDMI cable to the back of the room for the PJ.

That's probably enough waffling for now. I'll be using this thread and those shared albums to keep track of the rest of the living room build.

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