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Hello. Long time member, but haven't posted in ages. Everything has changed, so I hope this is the most appropriate forum for this. Apologies if not.

We are moving house at the end of the month, and I've promised my wife an upgrade to the home cinema.

I'm not entirely sure that my current, fairly dated kit, is appropriate. For example, I think most amps now have different connectivity etc.

Current kit which is all probably from around 2003-2005:
Pioneer PDP 506 XDE Plasma
Denon AVR 3805
KEF 5001 speakers
PS3 & PS4
Currently Virgin Media cable, but will be ditching that for Freeview and Netflix only.

I've promised my wife a projector, but I'm guessing it's not going to be as simple as just picking one up and connecting it to what I have? Am I going to need to upgrade the amp for example? Include an upscaler?

Finally, we're looking at mid-range projectors, at around £3-5k (Epson TW9200, Sony HW55). Again, is that overkill for the other components, where they will be bottlenecking performance?

So a penny for your thoughts and any recommendations/suggestions please.

Thank you


Joe Fernand

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There is nothing intrinsically ‘wrong’ with your Display or AVR even though the AVR lacks a few ‘modern’ bells and whistles most/all of those can be added using an external device (or two).

Some folk would say hang on to your PDP as only the most expensive of the current generation of Full HD LED-lit LCD can match its performance and Plasma have all but disappeared from the market.

The Display market (driven by the introduction of UHD/4K) is in transition with no final agreement on what is/isn’t in the UHD Spec so you may want to cable for a new Display (and AVR) but hold off until the market settles down.

Speaker wise unless you want an update in aesthetics you again have a decent sounding system.

Projector wise I’d suggest you don’t need to spend that much unless you are having a dedicated room with dark walls etc. and keep in mind you have to factor in the cost of a decent screen.

We have quite a few customers in a similar position (have a decent system they feel requires an update) who are ‘prepping’ for UHD rather than actually swapping out any kit at present.


Andrew K

Projector choice is fine although if you want to save a little you could look at either the Epson TW7200 or Sony HW40 as well.

I would look at replacing the AV Receiver though - speakers will be fine. You will need a new AVR just for the HDMI connectivity let alone all the changes in HD Audio formats. Dolby Atmos is out as well so getting a new receiver with this format on board is an option - you will need additional speakers for this though which you may not want to accomodate.


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Thanks, my current amp certainly doesn't have any HDMI ports, and that is becoming a bit of a struggle with newer components - I have to keep buying adapters.


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Regarding my KEF 5001 speakers, is it pointless going for a high end amplifier? I'm reading great reviews for the Pioneer SC-LX57 & now the 58.

Thank you.

Joe Fernand

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You can add a 4x2 HDMI Matrix with multi-channel analogue out for HD audio to your current AVR for £270.00 – as and when you upgrade the AVR you would get a good chunk of that outlay back.

Media Factory - Octava HDMX71-UK, 4x2 HDMI Switch with 7.1 analogue audio.

If you want longevity out of a New AVR I still say hold off until UHD and UHD BD have been ratified and you know what you are dealing with – if you do want to go with an AVR now ensure it’s is HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 and supports 2160p @ 30/60fps.

There is no benefit in ‘upscaling’ to 2160p in an AVR – any 2160p Display/Projector will have on-board upscaling and it’s often best to leave the video ‘as is’ as it passes through the AVR as that way you have the option to save different presents to suit each Source or signal type in the Display/Projector setup (which you lose if the AVR turns everything to 2160p).

On the loudspeaker front if you have the budget you can improve on the KEF’s – it all depends on budget and room layout.


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