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    alright, i just moved personal goods from the states to Spain due to my move in duty station. along with my personal goods were 2 PA systems both working fine on arrival through a power converter. i noticed a switch giving me the option on 110v or 220v so i took advantage of it to free a transformer. there was a clear plastic cover over it that had to be removed in over to move the switch the first speaker i mistakenly removed both screws thinking the screws were strictly for the clear cover over the switch and it fell through. no problem im good with a screwdriver, i remover the whole back plate carefully and fixed the switch back to its original spot easy day. this is where the problems start, now every time i plug it the damn fuse blows on both 110v and 220v the other speaker works 100% and its driving me nuts i've gone through 3 fuses thinking "maybe the switch isnt all the way over, maybe its the transformer." i dont want to put anymore fuses in it there are no loose wires or anything of that sort. soooooo, any suggestions?

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