Question Home networking - Fibre, Cat 6a or both for video distribution?


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Hello all,

Just getting the ball rolling on home networking quotes, I wanted to get a quick answer on here RE: best types of cables for video distribution throughout the home.
- I am aware that video distribution systems currently use HDMI 2.0 with chroma subsampling to get the 4K 60fps requirements.

However if one wanted to future proof for potential HDMI 2.1 video distribution would it be worth installing runs of fibre cables (OM3 - Duplex LC to LC) to rooms for these (to get the 48gbps bandwidth), or just sticking with runs of Cat6a?

Ideally I only want to make a mess of the walls once rather than having to keep installing cables every 5-10 years, so looking to get the cabling right first time. I see that the price differential isn't that different adding a couple of runs of OM3 to each room compared to the 3/4 cables of Cat6a.

I was also thinking of running conduit to the rack - but just wanted to know if anyone has done this and whether its worth doing conduit from the data point to the rack/media cabinet or from data point to the floor/loft space.

Current kit includes: UDM-Pro, UDM 48-Port Switch (1gb), Nano HDs, with Lite Wifi 6 APs.


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