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Could anyone please help with a procedure for setting up a wireless home network with the Orange Livebox?
I have a laptop and my kids have desktops in their bedrooms. We need to share files and print wirelessly to a printer plugged into one of the desktops but I'm having no luck at all. The computers can't see each other and can't see the printer. Perhaps the Livebox isn't capable of this and it's for surfing the net only? Any help would be much appreciated.

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not sure of a specific issue with livebox it seems to be a fully fledgerouter from what i have seen (have you previously had this network running on another wifi router?) you may need to change the controls on all machines to share as for printing a printserver may be better that way you can print from any machine with only that machine switched on


I got the Livebox and the network i have got has worked for the first time in years after having a Netgear DG834G.

All i did was plug it in, make sure all my network cards pick up the livebox, then run the Microsoft network Wizard on all machines.
If you want a printer to work, make sure Sharing is enabled on the printer, and the PC the printer is connected too and the printer need to be switched on for it to work.

Then once all the wiards have been run it should work. it did for me, so dont see why it shoudnt for you
Let me know how you get on.


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Just picked up this thread, I am also trying to set up a wireless home network via the Livebox. When I run the Network Wizard, it asks me to put in a flash drive which I then need to plug into the livebox, only problem is theres no USB on the Livebox!

At the moment, I have fours PCs/Laptops around the house which are all connected to the Livebox via wireless for internet surfing.

Any help appreciated.



The LiveBox acts as a print server and you do not need to dedicate a PC to share one.

You need to install the printer driver on each PC in order for them to use it. When installing, choose 'Network Printer' in the setup and choose a manual location which should be the IP of your live box. Mine is I think, but you may need to go into the setup screen for the Livebox to check.

Within a browser type 'configuration.adsl' and you should be presented with a password prompt. The default username/password is 'admin/admin'. This should be stated in your info pack or a letter.

Within here you will have access to all the networking and internet settings.

I believe to connect wirelessly to the livebox you need to activate pairing by pressing the button with '1' on it. This will allow the Livebox to be visible and enable you to connect, though you need to set-up the WiFi security in the settings.

If you don't know about these things it might be worth you calling a friend who does to help you here.

Hope this helps any.


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The best tip i can offer when you are initially setting up a wireless network with a Livebox is to go into the Livebox config pages and goto Configuration -> Advanced -> Wireless... and set the Maximum Pairing Time to "--" (i.e infinite)

Cos when you press the 1 button on the back to put it into pairing mode, it will time-out after a certain period of time, and if you havent finished faffing about setting up your wireless connection by that time then it definately wont work. When the pairing mode is "off" the livebox wont accept any new machines/connections to be added to it

Once you have successfully set up all your machines on the network you can then change this back to whatever it was before if you want, this will aid security. Personally, i leave it set to "--" as the WEP/WPA security is plenty enough to stop people getting onto your network, and its handy to have the pairing time open incase you ever need to quickly add any other machines onto the network for people who visit with laptops/pda's etc without having to go to the router and press the buttons etc
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