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Hello all
I am very new to this :
Well I just got out of the navy from Sasebo Japan...Did my four years , and now Im done with it finally ! So Im back at mom and dads place ! I went out and bought a 4 port Ethernet Hub ! I am trying to get the internet going into my computer , from my parents computer ! I have comcast cable in miami florida ! I have the cable going into the cable modem of course , and the cable cat 5 cable going into the 4th port hole on the the ethernet hub , and the uplink is on whatever that does ! So I go another short cat5 cable and put it in the 1st port and plugged it into my parents computer in the NIC ! And plugged another cat5 cable into the 2nd port and ran it all the way to my room about 25 feet throught the attic , I have one adapter connecting the two cables cause there both about 12 feet ! I ran all the network wizards , and automatic detect setting , and everything , and unckecked show limited or no connectivity box ! And I have tryed everything , and it still no work ! If anyone can tell me what to do I would be greatly appreciated ! I dont want to call the geek squad and have them come click a button or two , just to pay them 180 dollars ! Any suggestions on what to do ! I also used a floppy disk and installed on both computers the network program that they say at the end of the wizard ! I have restarted a million times and no working still ! The internet works on my parents computer but mine it doesnt work , and It is kinda upsetting ! Thanks for everything !


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First thing to check on your computer is that there are flashing lights on the NIC. I would suspect that you don't actually have network connectivity between your PC and the router. Also, the router should show a flashing light where your PC is plugged in.

I would try to get one long Cat5 cable, connectors are not usually reliable between cables.

If there are flashing lights showing connectivity, then you should be able to see the router, try running the ping command to the routers IP address, usually If you can see the router, then it may be a setting on the router.

However, at the moment, if your PC doesn't detect any network, the problem most probably is with the cables.


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Is it a router you've got or is it just a switch I wonder ? A router that can handle cable internet would be the easiest way - I have a Linksys BEFSR81 which was easy to set up and worked straight away as it assigns IP addresses to your other computers and you just make sure they are all on the same workgroup.


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If it is just a switch and your Cable Modem requires only one MAC address to speak to it that could be the source of your problem. You would need to buy a Cable Modem Router that allows MAC address spoofing.

One really easy way to check this, is to switch off everything. Remove your parents PC from the switch/router, then turn everything back on again. If your PC has internet access, you will know that your Cable Modem will only accept one MAC address.

You are using a USA provider so I don't know what the setup is with them, over here in the UK, both cable providers removed MAC address registration.

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