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Ive spent around 4-5 hours already this forum and various google searches and I think im more confused then when I started lol!

Basically Im about to buy a 2 bed terrace and unfortunately it needs a rewire, fortunately however my brother and dad are both electricians so just need to pay for materials and a few beers!

Anyway while ive got the upheaval and mess with the rewire I want to get all the cabling I may need soon put in to make life easier in the future. I cant really afford to be buying equipment right now but if I get the cables in place I can add the hardware later if that makes sense?

What I will have is the following;
  • 3D HD TV in living room
  • HD Amp in living room
  • 5.1 surround set up speakers in living room
  • Apple TV in living room
  • PS3 in living room (use this for 3D movies/bluray)
  • iMac somewhere in the house (not sure yet)
  • 15-21" HDTV in Kitchen
  • 32" HDTV in bedrooms

What I want to have in the nearish future;
  • Ability to stream iTunes library/radio to living room/bathroom/kitchen/bedrooms/outside
  • Ability to at least watch Sky in other rooms ideally be able to use PS3, Apple TV and Sky in other rooms
  • CCTV with DVR
  • At least 2 ethernet connections in each room (is this enough?)

I think ive got everything there, if anyone can help with what cabling I need to get installed or if theres anything else im likely to want to add on?

From what ive found i think the HD Anywhere HDbaseT would do what I want in terms of the TV related stuff and the Sonos would sort out my audio streaming desirers. Im quite happy to go down the Sonos route although I do feel its a bit expensive for what it is, I may be able to achieve something similar just using Apple Airport/Airtunes etc.

And the HDbaseT matrix is way beyond my budget but maybe it will be more affordable in a couple of years time? or is there anything else that can do what I want?

Any help would be really appreciated as im just going in circles now on the forums and google lol


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HI Wayne

we do home networks cabling and AV installations would be happy to talk over installations costs/options there are cheaper products than HD anywhere

Steve Bateman
installation manager

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