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Hi all,

What I am looking for is this, if it exists.

A home phone that will relay the call to a hands free that has a range of about 200 Meters.

Also, if possible for my mobile calls to also be diverted to the hands free.

I'm in the UK, is there anything like this out there?



There are plenty of DECT phones with Bluetooth - Google
But I very much doubt there are any solutions that will have a working range of anything close 200m. Anything that can work at that sort of range is likely to need to be licensed, I would have thought, as it could interfere with other radio signals in the area.

edit: and something like This for using your home phone to receive calls made to your mobile phone - this is about as close to your requirements as I can find.

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Plantronics do a range of DECT headsets which may be worth a look. DECT is only rated to 100M in clear air though, can't see anything having a range of 200M.
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