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I have been looking around for a home media centre, similar to a pixel magic one, has anyone got any recommendations for one of these players for a IMAC?. I would like it primarily for AVI and XVID files that is stable as can be, and not complicated to use.

All recommendations and advice are very much appreciated, thank you.



AppleTV looks like the sensible solution. You'll just have to convert your avis etc. to an itunes-friendly format. You can probably find a free-ware programme to do that - possibly with a batch processing option so you can leave it churn through unattended.


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Take a look at iSquint for avi>mp4 conversion suited for appletv ... also media central may be a suitable front-end software for managing shows/pictures/music as an alternative to apple's FrontRow (which will only manage mp4 video and aac/mp3 music within iTunes) ...


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