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Been looking about for a while now and really can't decide what to do.

I have a HTPC (Acer Revo R3610 with 4gb Ram running Windows 7) setup running Boxee which pulls its content from a fileserver I have sat on my LAN. Everything is wired, albeit I have 2 very long Ethernet cable runs to 4-way hubs and my HTPC and my fileserver are not on the same hub. The main hub is my cable router which is a dlink 615 standard Virgin issue (sigh).

My fileserver is a HP Proliant ML115 which is jam packed with 4 hard drives. These contain all Movies, TV Shows and Music that I access. Plus it runs utorrent, sickbeard, sabnzbd and headphones, plus a few other things like airprint, iTunes etc so it gets a fair bit of use.

I've gone for Windows 7 on the server, just for simplicity (if you can call the permissions simple) and it all kinda works ok. It does only have 2gb of ram in it - which I should probably do something about, but my minor bug bears are:

- The server runs hot, loud and is constantly on. To the extent I have had Sting playing benefit concerts outside my house due to my electric consumption, which is fine but I f**king hate Sting (I don't.... I quite like Sting - just trying to be cool.....fail).

- The HTPC pulls the content fine, but the picture just ever so slightly jumps as if it can't stream quick enough - mainly on Hi Def stuff admittedly. When I was using Media Center I had the same issue but it was with sound not picture, so I'm guessing it's a bandwidth issue as opposed to codecs or processing.

I'm thinking of a revamp. The fileserver is loud and I now work in the room that it's in so it gets the glaring of a lifetime on occasions. I was thinking I could get a disk array and connect via eSATA to something like another R3610. But I'm not sure that the R3610 is powerful enough, or whether I would be increasing / decreasing the thru-put. (R3610 runs 4gb ram and Atom 330 whereas the Proliant runs a dual-core AMD Operon 2.2ghz)

Can't really find any info on how much lag the hubs give me and whether I need to consider a proper switch and run feeds up to each device and whether that would make a difference.

If anyone has made it this far and has any advice, I'd really appreciate it.


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