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Well after a lot of late night footering, I have a system which I am almost content with.

Samsung 1Tb internal SATA drive for storage of movies, home videos, music and photos.

Movie Library:
MyMovies MCE add-on, managed to get this setup beautifully, only need to add info to gain contribution points now. ;)

ATI Raedon X1950 connected to Sense 26" LCD and Panasonic 42PX60 Plasma. Pixel matched on Sense and managed to get aspect ratio correct on panny.

Soundblaster Live using SP/DIF digital output connected via co-ax to Onkyo 605, onboard RealTek to Sense PC Audio socket.....and herein lays the final hurdle.

After searching the internet, it came apparent that MCE lacked the ability to choose which output device to use for audio. I still wanted to have multimedia capability when sitting at the PC so I needed to be able to switch sound cards.

With some help from an uber-geek at work, I managed to write a batch file which when executed, runs a registry file to change the sound card and start MCE. When you exit MCE, the sound card is changed back to the RealTek. Brilliant, almost there, but. If MCE is started while the RealTek soundcard is selected, the 'Use SP/DIF' setting is over-written and I only get 2 ch stereo when the Soundblaster is re-selected.
The only real solution for this (without knowing the correct registry settings to force - you guys have any hints?) is to ensure that MCE is only started when the soundblaster is selected. And that is the issue.

I have successfully changed any desktop shortcuts for MCE to point to my batch file but the green button on my keyboard and remote seem to be embedded and have no way to change what happens when they are pressed. And this is definitely not waf friendly. (My remote IT telephone skills are not too good).

Do any of you know:
1. What registry setting to change in order to force MCE to use SP/DIF?
2. How to alter a Microsoft 7000 wireless keyboard and MCE remote so that the green button will execute my batch file?

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1. I don't think there is one, and it's been an issue since year dot.
2. I don't think you can.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but I don't know if this helps - MCE uses the default sound output device, whatever it is set at when MCE starts up. So you could change the default, start MCE and change it back WHILE MCE IS STILL RUNNING. As I understand it, anyway.

My suggestion would be to look at using Autohotkey instead of batch files as you can directly read and write to the registry.

Also, the only way I can think to change the button's behaviour is to use HIP, Intelliremote or IR Server Suite (depending on which version of MCE). You can then program the button to do something other than start MCE (i.e. run a batch file). I think with HIP (if you're on MCE2005) there is an event that runs when MCE starts.

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