Home Made Plasma Stands


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HAs anyone made there own stands, I am looking to try this with a large corner unit. has anyone got any pics of theirs?

I am thinking of using 3 pieces of 2"x8" for the top and sides with 1" x 8" for the shelves and getting a local glazer to make up the doors with hinges for £40 and the wood should not cost anymore than £30-£40.

I was after the dimensions really, I recon a depth of 60cm will be ample and a max height of 50cm and a 100cm width inside the cabinet (this will be split in to two sections both 47cm wide with the top having a 20cm overhang on both sides.

I have a Denon 2800 mkII DVD player, a Denon 3801 or 3802 receiver (cant remember which), KEF Eggs 5.1 speakers, a sky box and have ordered a 42PE50 and may well get a DVD recorder with DVB, but not sure yet.


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I have a friend that's currently fabricating me a stand to bolt to the back of a cabinet. I'll let you know how it goes when it's finished.

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