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Aug 13, 2002
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Need a few opinions here.

Just got a 6' draper screen, but theres no black masking except at the very bottom of the screen which will be away from the image anyway!

I'm guessing that people find that "true" black masking helps to frame the image and makes the whole thing feel more cinematic.

I was thinking of buying some black felt, and then by using velcro tabs attach it in place whenever the screen is down (and 2 types, one for 1.85:1 and one for 2.35:1).

What do people do generally? I figure it would need to be removable due to the screen being retracted when not in use (no permanent screen in my house!)

Ideas would be appreciated.

I used black velvet on my DIY fixed screen, which works well.
Do I understand right that there's no side borders, or is it just top and bottom that's the prob?
If the screen is hard against a wall, then I'd suggest some sort of hooks that are on the wall in the right positions, then have the mask hook on to the wall, sort of sandwiching the screen between wall and mask. You could then make the mask out of velvet covered timber, so it's nice and straight. I'd imagine floppy fabric attached with velcro would be a pig to get straight - it'll really show up if your borders aren't straight lines.

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