Home kit with Apple TV Gen 4, Monitoring two seperate locations


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I hope that I am in the right place here ? if not could the moderator kindly move this thread to the correct place, please accept my apologies.

I wondered if I could get some sort of endorsement, as to what I want to do, when I get back to my other home abroad. I reside permanently in the UK, but we have a holiday home abroad. We have two indoor netatmo cameras & one outdoor presence in the UK; we also have two indoor Netatmo cameras & two outdoor presence cameras abroad.

So, I will eventually have an ATV Gen 4 in both homes acting as separate Hubs, I have setup the UK end defaulting to the Apple ID account for the UK, & logging into the iCloud via users & accounts with the same. When I get back to the house abroad, I will setup that end, defaulting to the Apple ID account for the home abroad, & will eventually log into the iCloud via users & accounts with the same (I will return there in August)

What I have done with the ATV in the UK, is add another user, i.e. the Apple ID I use for abroad, and I will do the same with the Apple TV abroad, adding the UK created Apple ID as a user.

Once this is completed, am I on the correct track to be able to watch either home, simply because I have added the extra users to each home? I have enabled Homekit on both of my iPhones, one phone for abroad and one phone for the UK.

I think that I have covered everything, if I have not been clear, then please point out where I have lost you. I just wondered if anybody had already done this, but more important, is this the way to do it.



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Don't quote me but you can certainly set up 2 'homes' in the Home app


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I suspect the 2 Apple ID's will confuse things. Best case with more than one I'd suggest is to add them as family members then I'd hope their feeds would show in your Home app.

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