Home Insurance Claim? - Ropey Garden Wall


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Not sure if it's been covered .. my and my neighbours fence posts were broken and between us we decided rather than replace with a new wooden fence , we would use Colourfence Which meant a 2 month wait .. to my point as the fence backed onto a public footpath, i informed the council .. who made it clear if the fence was to fall on a person or even a car parked by it , we would be liable for any damage to person or vehicle .. so i put up big notices to warn of the possibility of the fence falling down.


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Our garden wall that separates us from the footpath has seen better days, to the point where you can wobble the wall. It’s dangerous but also bloody long at c.17 metres.
As others have said your surveyor should have picked up on this but, as others have also said - good luck with getting any recompense from them. You should get in touch with them anyway if it's as bad as you suggest.

I don't want to scare monger but as it's next to a footpath I do remember this case from a few years back.

You know it's not right so you need to consider how you'd feel if you were in similar circumstances and it fell down.

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