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I don't know if this should be in this section of the site, so feel free to move it, if thats the case.

Anyway, i'm soon to be moving into my new bungalow...the thing is that I would like to take the opportunity to do it in my own taste and to be honest the place is in major need or updating!

It doesn't also have a lot of light and i'm trying to find websites that give me ideas of what colours to choose from etc but i'm struggling. I'm finding sites like B&Q, Homebase, screwfix direct etc but I want something which has more ideas of homes rather than individual products...so can you help?



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Just a thought - why not buy some sort of home design software and use that to build a virtual model of your bungalow?

I've seen this sort of software available as part of a budget range for about £10-£20. It sounds a lot, but you'll be able to build a model of the home, and make changes to almost any aspect of the home with a couple of mouse clicks. I think most of these let you do a walkthrough too.

It will probably take you a couple of hours to put the plan onto your pc, but I would say it's worthwhile to give you a more realistic idea of the finished results, and you could also try some those more adventurous ideas that involve changes to walls, doorways, and minor demolition without fear of the house falling down!!!

hope this helps,


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Hi Tony,

Cheers for the comments - it makes a lot of sense. So far i've used CAD software to give me an impression of accessability cause i'm in a wheelchair...so like you say, the software gives me a great idea of not just changing the design in aspects of moving a wall here and there but also widths between the wall and the end of the bed for example.

Can you recommend any software, the one i'm using at the moment is aimed at the american market which isn't really ideal for me.



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The software that I am using (Home Design Architect 5 - I think!) also seems to be geared towards the american market, and could be a lot better.

If you're near a PC World, go and have look there, not only in the graphics software area, but on those freestanding budget software displays - see what you can find there.

amazon.co.uk have a range of products too, but again they lean towards our friends across the pond. Turbocad has a good reputation, though whether it can produce 3d views I'm not sure. There is one called floorplan 3d for about £30 on amazon that will do 3d walkthroughs, and another prodeuct called 3d designmax for about £50.

I've also found this free software, which if it can do all it claims, would be very good. Look here for more details.

When I have used this stuff in the past I have accepted the fact that getting a perfect representation is very difficult. Provided that I can produce rooms of the correct size with doors and windows in the right place, and have basic idea of floorcoverings I'm usually happy with that - at least you get a good idea of what things will look like.

It will be interesting to see how your project progresses, so keep us posted on your software choice, and how everything progesses.

Good luck with the refurb!


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I got a copy of Punch! Professional Home Design from PC World for aroun £30. Its pretty good and lets you do plans from the basement up and it dead easy to use.


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