Home hub phone faulty?


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I have a bt home hub phone but I think it is faulty. The LCD screen is always on and never stops being illuminated. So if i leave it undocked for more than like 1 hour it runs out of battery.

Is this supposed to happen? or is it just mine?


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Might be a setting in the menu - or try resetting the thing (leave the batteries out for a few hours?)

grims dale

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i had the same problem haven't used it for 8 months just use the normal phone its a complete wast of time its a load of:censored:


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The power consumption of the Hub Phone is a known problem. Later models have a mono screen for this reason. The only fix is to remember to return it to its cradle after use.

Don't agree that it is a waste of time though we have couple in use along with our other phones. The just add an extra dimension which we find useful.


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mine doesnt even want to connect up. and the internet always go off. just try resetting it or taking out the battery for a while then putting it back in.


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mine doesnt even want to connect up. and the internet always go off.

Can you give us any more information on this problem, someone on here might be able to help, but we're not psychic....


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I have joined this thread with a somewhat different kind of fault.
Have had difficulties registering the phone to the base and sometimes given up and just left phone in cradle aparently unregistered.Then go to it later and find it is working perfectly,displaying Phone 1, and antenna symbol is steady! However after some indeterminate period of time it is no longer working.displaying Base 1 and and antenna symbol is flashing.
I have been round most of the buoys.Checked and replaced batteries:run rescue from the Hub Manager etc.
Should I give up,(I can get broadband telephone service from phone in hub phone socket) and throw it in the dustbin or has somebody a solution?,

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