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Hi, new to the forum here, had a search about but can’t find anything to answer my questions.
I’m currently in process of building an 8m x 5m home gym, I’m after a ceiling speaker audio system for less than £300. Not much I know but my budget needs to go elsewhere.
I’ve been trying to research ceiling speakers and found some with built in Bluetooth receivers:
I’m a complete newbie to all this, will these be sufficient? And one pair be loud enough for the size of the space?
Are these active speakers with the built in Bluetooth receivers any good or should I go down the conventional route and get an amp with a Bluetooth receiver built in?
If so can anyone help and send me in the way of an amp that would do the job as ive seen these if I go down the amp route
Amazon product

Thanks guys and any help is greatly appreciated, Kieren


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The main cost you have with ceiling speakers is the cabling. If you have a conventional amplifier with a BT receiver, that means a cable carrying the signal to the speakers. If you get a ceiling speaker with internal amplification and bluetooth reception, you need to run power cables to the speaker.

I would suggest that the traditional solution with a separate amplifier is more flexible and easier to find, whilst having no disadvantages.

With a 40m² space having significant background noise and highly flexible, active listener positions , I would consider installing multiple stereo ceiling speakers. Stereo speakers as otherwise things sound funny depending where you are, multiple speakers because of the size of the area and distribution of the audience.

A different question is whether you wouldn't be better off using a Public Address system (100V system) for this application, rather than domestic audio type speakers and amplification. They are no more expensive, but are probably more suitable for this application.

A good place in UK for all things ceiling speakers is Ceiling Speakers | Home Audio Solutions | Expert Advice and Design. There are lots of good "how to" articles there too. Note however that this place isn't into PA systems, for that you need to visit a professional audio shop.

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‘I’m after a ceiling speaker audio system’ - what’s above the Ceiling you are planning to put the speakers into?

Cheap ceiling speakers are pretty horrible sounding and as Mark. Yudkin says you have a noisy environment to contend with.

Any pics or a layout plan of the room?

You'd really struggle to fill a room of that size with a pair of in-ceiling speakers - even a set of high end Dynaudio ( Dynaudio S4-C80 In-ceiling Speaker - Premium Sound | Hi-Fi & Home Cinema Retailer in London UK) would struggle to fill a space that size with anything more than moderate background music.

For a space of that size and being used for a gym you'd want 4 - 6 in ceiling speakers with a sub or two to help back them up, however this would be well above your £300 budget.

If you can't have a set of active monitor/PA type speakers in the actual room then I'd just look at something like a JBL xtreme 3 and move it around with you. It really would be a waste of your money and effort installing a set of cheap in-ceilings I'm afraid.

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