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Decided after two years to use Home Gallery , Bought a PC Card Adaptor and tried it with an XD, Sony Stick and then an SD card with nothing showing as if it doesn't recognise them.
Added photographs to the Compact Flash provided whilst these photographs too do not appear there is a square saying thumbnail with a yellow triangle and exclamation mark in it

Any help on this?

PC Nut

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434 will only support un-edited "straight out of the camera JPG's" and not jpgs from a D-slr camera. Hope this helps.

BAD Dave

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I took a compact Flash card & adapter into 2 shops, trying to see what jpgs looked like on a plasma screen, with no success.
I took the pictures with my digital SLR (Canon D300) and copied them onto my PC and later back to CF card, without any editing.

The Pioneer plasma media box did not read the card, just got a blank screen within Home Gallery.

What went wrong?

PC Nut, can you elaborate on what you mean by (the media box can only read) "straight out of the camera jpgs"?

Which cameras work and which don't?

Thanks for any help

PC Nut

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Bad Dave:
I do not have a conclusive answer, just based on my own experience so far.
My Olympus 3mp 3020zoom works fine if copied to pc and then to cf card with no editing, if edited they do not display something changes the header of the file and the media box is unable to read the files.

My Nikon d70's jpeg not read on media box possibly due to aspect ratio being different (3x2) The camera doesn't use the 4:3 aspect ratios of most point-and-shoot cameras.

Hope this helps


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Maybe the tv can not support the resolution. I don't know if the tv scales it or not.

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