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I wanted to start a thread to document our extension which has just started.

A bit of background, we moved in to a 1930s 3 bed, 1 reception, 1 dining room and a kitchen around 6 years ago. Over the years we've been working our way around the house modernising and redecorating. This has included creating a node zero under the stairs, 5.1 B&W setup in the living room and home automation using Lightwaverf and a Raspberry Pi. We've completed most of the areas apart from the kitchen and bathroom.

We decided to take advantage of the new planning law (well 2013) and plan a 5m single story rear extension. The new area and existing diner and kitchen will form a area with 3 zones; a seating area, a dining area and a new kitchen.

The existing and proposed layout is as follows:
existing and proposed.jpg

In the proposed layout, the part labeled dining room will be the seating area and the space opposite the kitchen island will be the dining area. We're also planning on turning part of the existing kitchen in to a pantry and there will be a new WC in the hallway under the stairs (not shown in the image)

On to the techie part, we plan to have a new TV (maybe the Samsung KS8000) in the seating area with floor-standing stereo speakers set up, but also add wires for the rear and centre channel incase in the future they are required. All the connections for the TV will be wired back to the node zero under the stairs via ducting under the floor. The plan is to run at least 4 cat6 and 3 hdmi cables. Its a shame that Samsung don't offer a way to extend the one connect box cable.

We will also have a 2 pairs of ceiling speakers in the dining area and kitchen area, these will be linked to a 2 zone amp with a Chromecast Audio. This was briefly discussed here:Ceiling Speakers Advise

Generally downlights will be used, controlled by Lightwaverf, there'll also be other mood lights.

We just started the build and the foundations are being dug. I'll be following this post with progress pictures and questions for tips and ideas!


Watching with interest, as would like to do something similar on our Victorian end-terrace...

I notice you've got the existing sewer running across where you're extending - Did you get permission for building over OK?


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Watching with interest, as would like to do something similar on our Victorian end-terrace...

I notice you've got the existing sewer running across where you're extending - Did you get permission for building over OK?

Yep we sent the plans to Thames Water and they agreed to it, we're adding a new manhole which can be used for any future issues. The neighbour to the right has done the same.


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A quick update, the foundations have been dug out, the sewage pipes have been put in, new manhole has been dug and the preparation for the concrete base has started.


Also had a delivery for the bricks, sand and cement:

The inspector is booked to come in today, hopefully when he signs off, we will be ready to pump in the concrete.


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Slow but steady progress over the last few days.

The base was prepared and topped with hardcore and sand, ready for the 100mm of concrete.

At the same time the new patio area was prepared also ready for concrete


Over the weekend we had a concrete pump arrive to pump the concrete for the foundations, the base and the new patio.

Next day the concrete is nearly solid dry..

Lastly another full skip is swapped..

Tomorrow the walls start to go up! The aim is to get the DPC down as soon as possible so the council can be called in to sign off.


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Quick update..

The lintels over the sewage/waste pipe went in and the DPC went down which got signed of by building control

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Next day it was all hands on deck!

They did really well on the first day, the walls were half built. Below pictures were taken the next morning



As we decided to have exposed bricks on the inside and blocks and render on the outside, we had to add extra insulation in the cavity (seen in the above pics) to meet building regs u-values.

Second day of brick laying in progress

They completed the brick work by the end of the second day, pic below taken the morning after

FullSizeRender (4).jpg
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Its been a busy few months, here's a bit of an update!

After the walls went up, work on the roof started. The roof structure went up, ready for the tiles.


Then the roof tiles and roof windows went in...

Followed by the wiring...



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Time to make the old space and new space one! The wall between the extension and the existing was house taken down and the supporting rsj put in to place.

IMG_7504 (1).JPG

Left room was the old kitchen, and right was the old dining room
IMG_7511 (1).JPG

The trenches for the supporting columns dug and approved by the building inspector.
IMG_7519 (1).JPG


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Here's a few more pics and update from the progress before xmas.

We had the underfloor heating installed. The manifold went under the stairs and was linked to the existing boilers flow and return. The UFH runs on its own zone independently from the radiators.


Insulation laid and UFH pipes laid, leaving gaps for the kitchen island and the units.


The screed was then put down after the UFH pipes were pressure tested, and the long awaited doors started to go in!


Timelapse of door install...

Unfortunately (and more annoyingly!) the wrong track came with the doors. The door was supposed to have an internal flush threshold, but the ones that got fitted did not. After a bit of back and fourth with the company, they agreed to order in the new track and frame so that the internal threshold can be flush. As this was just before xmas, nothing could be ordered. We should be getting the replacement this week (fingers crossed). But in general the doors look really good!


The ceiling and RSJ was plaster boarded and ready for plastering


Time for plastering, before the xmas break.

The partition for the pantry put in and plastered:


Lights installed and tested:



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Good looking extension there!! Planning something myself but a bit smaller. How long has the process taken?


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@lee2007 @AltGr Sorry for the delay, works been extremely busy! I'll post updates on a series of posts.

The following pictures show the existing room which we opened up and the pantry plastered and ready for paint!

Our make-do kitchen! While we wait for the new kitchen to arrive!
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I installed 75mm cable ducting from under the stairs to the chimney breast, this enables me to pull cables through for the TV. There's also a socket behind there for power.

Holes for the ceiling speakers prep'ed

Burning the midnight oil to get Wife's pantry wallpaper up:
IMG_8313 2.JPG

Followed by the pantry shelves:


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Coving in the existing room is put up, this needed a bit of filling after, but it came out pretty good!

Finally the kitchen is delivered!

Day one of kitchen fitting:
We had all the electrics wired so that we can have a grid switch hidden in the cupboard.


Day one kitchen fitting timelapse:



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Day 2 of kitchen install:

Timelapse of second day of kitchen fitting:

We opted for a subtle extractor, as we didn't want anything too overpowering. The kitchen guys recommend the Elica Snap. It's basically a smart extractor, it has a series of sensors which monitors the air and it comes on when it needs to.


As we had high ceilings, we went for the Velux Integra windows, these can be controlled by the supplied remote.


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Most of the kitchen installed and ready for worktop templating

Testing out the RGBWW dual led strips in the ceiling shadow gap:


Worktop got templated and installed, we opted for Silestone Quartz worktops:

without mood lighting


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Once the worktop was installed, the gas engineer came to hook up the 5 ring gas hob:


Shortly after we had the Quooker engineer come to install the tap:

Final pieces of skirting:

I'll dig out more pictures tomorrow :)


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Awesome work......love the cooker pride of place in early pic lol......love the timelapse stuff really good to see it come together bet your chuffed. How does the space feel now the kitchen has gone in?


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Awesome work......love the cooker pride of place in early pic lol......love the timelapse stuff really good to see it come together bet your chuffed. How does the space feel now the kitchen has gone in?

Thanks Lee! lol yea with 2 kids we had to make do with the cooker in the middle of nowhere!
It still feels pretty spacious. Now we have the dinning table in there too, it still gives enough space and also a nice entertaining area too!

We find ourselves spending most of the time in there, the living room doesn't get used much any more...it's screaming to be converted to a cinema room ;)

I'll get some latest pics up with the finished seating area and the dinning area!

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