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Hi All, planning to upgrade our system - tv and pc and home theater system after more than 10 years as a surprise for my husband. Finding it a bit complicated with the speaker set up as not sure if soundbar or traditional surround will be better. currently thinking of:

  • TV: LG CX TV
  • Computer with graphics card which is either RTX 3080 or Radeon 6900xt
  • Sound options:
a) soundbar: sonos Arc / sennheiser Ambeo / bose 700
b) traditional sound system: with an av receiver perhaps - ideally wireless 5.1

1) Is soundbar set up as good as surround? are the options above viable? any specific recos or concerns?
2) Is lag an issue esp with gaming and movies etc with a wireless set up. It will mainly be for gaming (pc most frequently / ps5).
3) do I connect the soundbar to the tv using hdmi and the tv then to the pc using hdmi or is there a different set up.
4) Dolby Atmos: if there anything specific I need to do to set up without lag?
5) DTS: Given that LG CX does not support DTS, any idea how I can make this work?
6) do I need a soundcard with the pc at all?

Getting very confused because of the sheer number of set up options. Any experiences / ideas would be very helpful pls !
thanks in advance !


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Its not clear what you are trying to connect.

Are you trying to connect a TV to a computer instead of using a dedicated monitor?

A Sonos system is good but expensive for the sound you're getting.

Is wireless rear speakers a must. You have much better choice with normal wired speakers.

How much space do you have?

A picture or layout of the room would be useful?

Do the speakers need to be small or discrete or do you have space for traditional hifi speakers?


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Hi there, thanks for responding ! yes trying to connect a TV to a computer.

We cannot take various wires through the room and cannot mount the tv unfortunately as we are renting.

We have some space for rear wireless speakers but prefer a 'quiet', aesthetic version as this is for our bedroom !

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