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I want to know about the parts of a home cinema(tv,dvd player,...) and the best choice with suitable price,please guide me how can i set a good home cinema components

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Mnm that is a very general question. I think you should take some time and read some of the many posts in these forums. I know it’s a bit hard at the start but everyone has to start somewhere.

If you are looking for a good setup you might have to spend about £3000. That should get you a video projector and screen, DVD player an amp and some speakers. You would be able to plug the output of a satellite receiver or VCR into the projector so you could watch normal TV on a large screen.

Or you can always buy a TV and DVD player and save yourslef a lot of bother :)


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Your question is rather broad, so i'll just get you started!

For starters, you need a display device, be it a tv, projector, plasma, all depending on your desires! Then you need a dvd player or whichever other sources you need. If you have opted for plasma or projector, you could also look for a video processor which would enhance the picture quality.

Soundwise, you need a multichannel amplifier, one that does dolby digital and dts. To go with this you need a speaker package, this could be 5 speakers, 6 or even 7 depending on your amp and how many speakers you want! Further, a subwoofer is nice addition for good bass.

Thats the basics, if you go and read through the other forums you can find more specific detail. Dont forget to use the search facility, if you cant find what you want, someone will try and answer you queries!



Thanks for your answer
could you please guide me which models i can buy with normal and high price.

Philip Newton

Depends what you mean by low and high. High could be the 2700 pioneer amp that will rock your world or you could look at a cheap yamaha £250 amp. I am just upgrading to a denon amp £480 which has 6.1 sound. As for a tv same again really you could go for a £3000+ plasma or a £2000 projector and same again for the screen. I know that alot of people would disagree but a good place to start would be to buy what hi fi magazine and look at the buyers guide and the retailers at the back they also give good advice on set up and the main components you will need. A couple of issues sould soon set you up with a short list, then if you search these forums for the best of the list that takes your fancy and get the "experts" opinions (cough cough) ;)

Check out the new edition of What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision Awards 2002.
Loads of information in there to help you decide what you need and approximate prices.

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