Home cinema with wireless speaker recomendations ?


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My standard TV speakers are pretty useless for watching films on, and I've started to think about getting some kind of home cinema setup.

However, due to the layout of my place, I cant easily run a set of speaker wires from the main unit round to the back of the sofa for the rear speakers.... So.... I was thinking there must be a few options that are wireless ? At least for the rear speakers ?

I already have a decent tosh DVD player, and use a Tivo for all my normal tv watching and recording. I'd like to be able to connect these both into the new system, but I've already seen that the dvd player is probably going to be redundant, so I'm open to ideas ?

Oh, and my tv is nothing special, a normal 32 inch crt, so I dont need hdmi, nor do I have Sky or XBOX, so dont 'need' an input for those..

Anyone got any recommendations or ideas ?

I've already seen stuff on the Panasonic SC-HT454W which looks pretty much what I'm after, but wondered if there is anything better or more suitable..


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I was wrong! - You got a better response on the TT Forum!



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hehe, indeed..:rolleyes:

although I'm now thinking maybe I should go thro the pain of laying the cables and having a conventional setup... :oops:
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