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I have got Panasonic DMR55 DVD recorder and Panasonic 28 inch Flat Screen 100mhz TV and want to move to Home Cinema.

Was looking at Sony STRDE495 from Richer Sounds and Tannot FX5.1 speakers. When I went into Richers they pointed me towards Yamaha RXV350 as a better AV receiver and some Sony speakers for £150 as they did not have Tannoys?

Is the Sony or Yamaha with Tannoys a good mix or are the Amps too cheap for the Tannoy speakers, would I be better with cheaper speakers say Yamaha NSP100s?

Willing to pay £300/350. Should it be 50/50 split speakers/amp or more on the amp/speakers?

Any views welcome on choice of receiver and speakers?


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I cannot comment on the speaker/amp combinations that you have suggested but...

Typically in a full set up a greater proportion will be spent on the speakers than on the amp - I dont think anyone can give a clear ratio of what is 'correct' but with my own set up it is about 1/3 amp 2/3 speakers (exc cables etc).

If you are going for a budget setup (and in particular from Richer Sounds (which from my own perspective I am not overly impressed with)) the split will depend on what you are wanting to do in the future. Is this setup going to be what the end result is going to be or are you going to be looking to upgrade in the future?

If you are going to upgrade then it depends on your intended long term budget... it may be possible to get the level of amp or speakers you want in your 'end result' and then skimp on the other until you have the funds to replace them (and therefore only end up with one 'item' that you will lose on when you sell 2nd hand). The difficulty with the stores like Richer Sounds is that the majority of their stock are end of lines and so it is particularly difficult to gauge any ratio as their RRPs they list could have been from 6mths ago on the speakers but 5yrs ago on the amp (and so not comparable) and their own current discount prices depend heavily on the discount they get themselves.

The one good thing with most the Richer Sounds is that if you are upfront with them and say that you are uncertain on what you want they will frequently allow you to exchange items if you are not happy with the end result. (I guess this makes up for their lack of a listening room)

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