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I currently own this home cinema system-


The problems I have with it are that it doesn't upmix stereo sources to 5.1, it doesn't do Dolby Pro Logic 2 or DTS, the speakers hiss quite a bit even when not in use, and the centre speaker doesn't have the power to carry the centre channel voices well enough. Plus I would like a better overall sound quality. So I'm looking to replace it.

I don't have the money for quality hi-fi speakers and a seperate AV reciever, and I also don't want a system with a DVD player, because most all-in-one systems (dvd + 5.1 speakers) don't have optical DD input to connect to my xbox, and I already have a good DVD player.

I came across this Sony system which on the face of it does everything I want and has plenty of power-


It's also pretty cheap at £158 delivered. Anyone know if it's likely to be any good, or can recommend any alternatives for under £200?

Cheers :smashin:


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Actually, looking on the Richer Sounds website, it does seem possible to get a seperate AV receiver and a 5.1 speaker set for about £180. Like for instance, the Yamaha NSP240 5.1 speakers and the Yamaha RXV350 receiver. I realize this still isn't exactly hi-fi quality, but would it outperform the Sony?

Or there's this Yamaha package, which is basically the same thing as the two seperates above-


I really don't know how good Sony and Yamaha home cinema equipment in this sort of price bracket is.

Cheers again.

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