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I am considering upgrading my home cinema system which is a Pioneer HTP-204 (VSX-529 receiver and S-HS100 5.1 speakers set). Been planning this for a while now, but have been unable to sell the system so that I can move forward... small second hand market for these things...

Well, for the speaker set I'm considering the Jamo S803 HCS or the Jamo S807 HCS, plus the respective front Atmos speakers.

For the receiver, I'm looking at the Denon AVR-X3500, Sony STR-DN1080 or Marantz NR1609

Regarding the receivers, Sony is the cheaper but seems a very good deal and the Marantz the more expensive, and apparently the one with less output power...
They all seem to have almost the same features and compatibilities, or is there one that is significantly better than the other?
Also, which would be the best option for the mentioned speaker set?

Thanks in advance.


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Couple of things, first don't forget the Denon 2500 amp as it's similar to the Sony, and you don't have a sub in your speaker package.
Personally I like freestanding for fronts so 807 would be preferable.
What sort of budget you talking about?


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Thank you for your reply.
The Denon 2500 was also in the list but I took it off due to the lack of eARC.
The Denon 3500 has eARC and the Sony has received a firmware update with this.
I have a LG C8 Oled and I use the built-in app such as Netflix etc and would like to be able to pass all sorts of formats without limitations, such as Dolby Atmos. I think we need eArc for that....

regarding the set of speakers, yes, the subwoofer will also be included. That is something that cannot be missing ehehehh
I also like the look of freestanding speakers reason why I'm considering the Jamo S807 set, but I have been reading reviews of both set and I have the impression that veredict is more favourable for the Jamo S803 set, overall with less drawbacks.
I don't have any experience on this and at this point I want to make a goog and solid purchase to last me at least a good decade

regading the budget, I did not setup a limit. If I buy the system all together, I will have to consider lower values, but I'm planning to buy things gradually so I can buy better and not spend a lot up front.
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If you're going to factor in some music listening then I would pick a Marantz, although maybe not the model you're looking at. The DenonX3500 may be your best bet, cost wise and the fact that it has better room correction in Audyssey XT32, bit more power and it has pre-outs which could afford the connection of a power amp if more is required. Even with the 3500 you are still confined to a maximum speaker set up of 7.1 or 5.1.2.


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All the mentioned receivers are 7.1, which means they can accommodate at least 2 Dolby Atmos speakers. It would be ok, I suppose.

9.1 receivers are much more expensive and may blow away my budget.

Main use will be for TV watching, movies, series, Netflix, Youtube and so on.
Music and radio eventually, but not worried with these.

I'm looking for a receiver that is able to pass all sorts of Video and Audio formats without limitations (Dolby Vision, HDR, Dolby Atmos, etc etc etc).

The Jamo speaker set are 8 ohms so this means that will be requiring more power from the amp right?

Considering this, I think the Sony can handle up to 100w per speaker (8ohms) and the Denon and Marantz are below that.

The Denon seems to be the option with more features and the Marantz is considerably more expensive as both sets with less features and apparently less power.

Perhaps aiming to a different set of speakers, 6 ohms or so, would be a much better marriage with any of these receivers?

I don’t understand much about this and I get these ideas from the specs I’m reading and I might be forming totally wrong ideas, reason why I came here asking for expert advice.

I live in a very small market for these things which means I don’t have any specialized shop that I can go to and try out speakers and these sorts of things.


The Sony cannot portray DTS Neural and incorporate the extra speakers required for Atmos. Why Sony has chosen that path is a mystery. That is something to bear in mind with a 5.1.2 layout as the vast majority of film titles carry DTS HD as the main format. That is the main reason that personally I would pick the Denon over the Sony.

As for the ohm rating of the speakers I wouldn't worry to much about that. The sensitivity figure is more important, the lower the harder they will be to drive.


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The Denon was always my first choice. I started with the 2500 but moved up to the 3500 due to the eARC. For what it worth, may do the difference within a couple of years.

So, the Denon + the Jamo speakers would be a good choice then?

EDIT: The Sony specs seems to show Neural: X. Is that the DTS Neural you mentioned?
All formats for HDMI includes:
DSD , LCPM, Dolby Atmos , Dolby Digital , Dolby Dual Mono , DTS: X , DTS HD MA, DTS HD HR , DTS , DTS-ES (Matrix6.1 / Discrete6.1), DTS 96 / 24

In regards to the Atmos Speakers, attached is an image of the Sony Receiver which shows the connections for the 2 Atmos speakers, which is the same as the Denon.


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