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Hi All,

This is my first post and I was looking for some opinions on my home cinema project.

I had bought a Optoma UHD51 last year with the view to installing it in our new house. The room is quite small only 3m X 3.5m. When we moved in, I quickly set everything up just to test out. I'm using a 110" elite screen with a Denon AVRX2300W and Wharfedale 5.1 system, all salvaged from our old living room. This has worked well as a temporary solution and although I want to keep everything on a relatively tight budget, I would like to make some improvements and have someone professionally install the kit.

I've attached a couple of photos and a 360 image (don't know how well that will work) of the room in it's current state.
IMG_1915.jpg IMG_1916.jpgIMG_1915.jpg IMG_1916.jpg



I've spoken to several contractors and got some varying ideas. the plan is to move the screen to cover the window on the opposite side of the room. We are limited on this side of the room for seating due to the door, so moving the seating to the other side will allow for a row of 4 recliners:


All of the AV kit, the Denon AVR, Apple TV 4k, Shield and Sky Q will all live in an empty cabinet next door in the Living room, with HDMI and speakers cables running through the wall.

Initially I wanted to upgrade the speakers to either Monitor Audio bronze or Q acoustics 3050i, but one of the contractors discussed the possibility of using in wall/ceiling speakers. 3 X Monitor audio W-150LCR's at the front and 4 X C165's in the ceiling for surround and Atmos. This appeals to me, because I have very limited space and 3 young children who love to get their hands on shiny speakers, but I'm worried about the difference in quality between the in wall or floorstanders.

Any advice would be very welcome.



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I have gone for all in ceiling (I know I'm going to get lynched but don't care) built into a soffit around the ceiling. It works well and since I've not gone for Atmos and in a smallish room (4.5m 3.5m) you don't notice the fact they are not at ear level and they sound really good to be honest for surround duties (I can't tell the difference in position from my old bookshelfs and centre) but can tell they are much better quality. I went for 5 Kef in ceiling and they are great, apart from two floorstanding (Kef again) for the main stage. I know some people are against it but for me it works and sounds great.

Don't know if Atmos would mess up the imaging too much (I've seen an article which suggest it could work) but I'm happy enough with 7.1. So to answer, I don't think your giving too much away in the quality stakes with good quality in wall or ceiling.

I've added a few pics (still a work in progress) so you can see my layout/setup. Hope it gives you some ideas. Hoping to finish it over winter.


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Hi, thanks for the advice, looks like a great setup, will be fantastic when it's finished. Did you do the work yourself? I hadn't thought of a 7.1 over a 5.1.2, but I know I definitely need to use in ceilings for the surrounds as the seating will be wall to wall, with little space for anything wall mounted. I’m going to Richer Sounds on Saturday to demo the Monitor bronzes and hopefully some in walls, but at this point installation speakers seem to be the way to go.


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Yes I did the whole lot myself. Mine had to be wife friendly so has to be hidden during the day when it's an office (hence the in ceiling) and I was sceptical myself until I fit them and listened. I was surprised by how good they sounded. At night it then converts to a cinema when we want to sit down with a movie. Love the recliners by the way, would like to get something like that myself. Feel free to ask any questions.

Welcome to the forum by the way, just realized I forgot to say during the last post. Lots of good info and people here. Good luck!


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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'd go with an acoustically transparent screen with the LCR behind (in wall in your case). I'd also put this at the door end of the room, likely with a small false wall. Having the sound coming from the screen is a massive improvement.

4 seats isn't really going to work very well as the people on each end will be tight against the wall. I'd recommend to go with a 3 seat instead with a few bean bags thrown in for the younger members of the household. You could probably even do two rows of seating if you really wanted ;)

Avoid in ceiling surrounds if your wanting Atmos. Tbh I don't see any issue with standard (or in wall) surround speakers in your room. If you pull the seating away from the back wall a couple of feet you'd have plenty of room for surrounds to work their magic. If you do decide to go with in wall/ceiling be sure to consider sound leakage in to the adjoining rooms.


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I do like the idea of the speakers behind the screen, but as you say, without a false wall there is not actually any space on the wall behind the screen due to the window.

I had another quote from and installer and spent a bit of time in Richer Sounds at the weekend and I think in going to go for the Monitor W150 LCR's for the front, these will all need to be installed below the screen. I would prefer them higher, but there will only be 220mm space on each side of the screen which would not be large enough to accommodate them. 2 X Monitor WSS130's on the side walls for surround rather than the in ceiling, these are only 5cm deep, because I don't have a lot of space on the partition wall. Monitor C265FX's for Atmos and a Bronze sub.

Sound leakage will only really be a problem with the ceiling speakers I think because the baby's room is right above, but I can always disable them when she's sleeping.

I know it's the sensible thing to get a 3 seater, but I may just make sure the toddlers get the outside seats :)

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