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uncle eric

Just before I went on my hols, I popped into my local Dixons to pick up a CD travel case. I happened to overhear one of their salesmen trying (very hard) to sell one of those all in ones. All in ones meaning Home Cinema in a box, aka Sony DAV's etc.

I spoke to the salesmen after he had sold this to his smiling customer and he confirmed that HC in a box was one of Dixons best lines.

Now obviously, from the numbers sold, the man in the street thinks these are a good idea.
Heck, even one of our friends (against my advice) bought "the box" not long ago. To add insult to injury, I was even asked to "come and set it up". I think it took me 3 nano seconds. Open the box, plug in and set channel levels. Well, sort of. The side L/R's levels could only be adjusted together. Apparently, according to Sony, everyone has the same room, armchair, and viewing distance.

I even know a couple that spent £5000 on a Bose lifestyle (god I hate that word) 50. A posh home cinema in a box if you will. For 4 to 5 large (if you're a Tony Soprano fan) you can trip someone up in the street who can install something better than 40 watts per channel with an unknown frequency response and plastic speaker casings that reverberate faster than most humming birds.

Going back to the man in the street, over the years, I've learnt that this guy, likes and even prefers his or her equipment to be all one make. The chances of finding the best value (bang for buck performamce wise) DVD player, Amp, Speakers and Display device being sold by one company are roughly equal to finding Lord Lucan clutching this weeks winning lottery ticket.
Our man in the street is draged to his weekly trip to the local shopping centre and escapes the wife for a few minutes to "look at the toys" in Dixons. What does he see? The answer to his dreams. A lovely home cinema in a box at a great value price (or so he thinks) and to top it all, wow, all one make. Luverly.

What he doesn't realize is that once he starts getting involved in this hobby, it is in fact himself thats stuck in the box. Why? Because basicly there is no way of upgrading. We all remember snakes and ladders. Buying one of these is like landing on the biggest snake on the board.

The above is advise for newbies starting out in this hobby who may be thinking of going down this route. Do your research well. Spend your money wisely. Do not put yourself in the box.

Eric - interesting post, and I agree except that.... having gone thru the A/V selection process/installation/configuration process I have some sympathy for those who just want something that plays DVD's, looks and sounds ok and dont want HC as a full-time hobby.
I think its fair to say that simplicity has a value as well as technical ability. Just as we expect Ford to select the right tyres, seats, carbs etc and provide a car "system" then why not assume that Sony do the same to provide an A/V system?

Anyway still dead chuffed with the Velodyne sub - although a bit disappointed it didnt come with a remote control to join the five other that lie in the drawer:)

I think that the man in the street and his all-in-1 home cinema will be fine as long as he doesn't get broadband. ;)

Seriously if the purpose of home cinema is pleasure and entertainment then there is a case to say that Dixon's Man is better off than we are. Ignorance can be bliss as they say. I used to enjoy looking in Dixon's and fantasizing about my next purchase, now there probably isn't a single item in the shop that I would regard as good enough. I now have a setup that is even beyond what is available in most dedicated AV shops, but I'm I any happier?
Originally posted by Jeff
I now have a setup that is even beyond what is available in most dedicated AV shops, but I'm I any happier?
Course you are you lucky bugger :D
So Eric, what were you buying in DIXONS then? ;)
Looking for the next powerbuy? :D
Originally posted by Nic Rhodes
So Eric, what were you buying in DIXONS then? ;)
A home cinema in a box :D
Just a CD travel case. Heck even that was rubbish :mad:


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