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I'm new here so I hope I have posted this in the right place :hiya:

I want to buy a home cinema system to go with my new Toshiba LCD tv. I can't find a HC System that comes with a HDMI DVD player, Can I use a different DVD with the speakers or are the speakers controlled through the bundled DVD player?




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Popular home cinema systems are not equipped with HDMI DVD player. They offer only entry level of stereo effects for ordinary use. For hi-fi home cinema systems, you will need an amplifier, Marantz in my case, and two (left and right) front speakers, two (left and right) rear surround speakers, one center speaker, and preferrably a subwoofer. It is a 5.1 hi-fi sound system. Then, I will recommend a Pioneer HDMI DVD player linking to your amplifier. Your Toshiba LCD TV will be linked to the amplifier, too.
However, such home cinema system will cost you quite a lot. But, the joys of listening music and watching movies are worthwhile.


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The basic answer to your question is no you can not use a different DVD player as your correct its controlled by the bundled player.
If there is an all in one system with HDMI Im sure somebody will let you know,having started with an all in one system a few years ago I would endorse andes comments go with an Amp and speaker system, gives a far better sound and there are a few " cheap " ones out there Yamaha http://www.yamaha-uk.com/av_packages/?product_id=138 and Denon http://www.denon.co.uk/site/frames_...ppe_C=5&action=detail&Pid=258&main=prod&sub=1 for example, which have an amp and speakers then just add a DVD player.

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