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I have a medium sized home cinema system which consumes a fair amount of power. Below is the kit:

Pioneer 436 XDE Plasma television
Denon DVD 3910 DVD player with HDMI
Denon AVR 4306 amplifier/ receiver
Arcam P1000 power amplifier
Artcoustic DF 65 Front left & right speakers
Artcoustic DF Multi Centre speaker
Artcoustic Diablo rear speakers
Artcoustic DFS 100 wall mounted subwoofer
Artcoustic PA 300 mono amplifier

I was wondering about power consumption and ways to reduce the amount of power I use whilst in standby.

Does there exist a mains conditioner that can switch off the other items when the TV is not in use, like I use for my PC.

Any opinions and advice gratefully received.


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YOu could use a suitably rated auto power strip similar to the one used for your PC, which would take its control signal from either the AV amp or TV. Your standby power consumption shouldnt be too bad unless the power amps are left on. It may be worth investing in a power usage meter to check how much power the system is drawing in standby.


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try searching the net for products call byebye standby and the like as these sence when everything goes into standby and kicks power down to a trickle.




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Some of the PS Audio Power Conditioners will switch other components on and off and looking at the spec sheet I believe you can specify which units are turned off and which are not. Useful if you would prefer some kit remained on or in standby.

The top of the range "Power Plant Premier" unit definately does this as that's the unit I read the spec sheet for. This unit will also power things up in a sequence rather than everything all at once to prevent any blown fuses or tripped... well, trips at the consumer unit. Which is a good idea.
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