Home Cinema/Stereo Teething Problems

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I have recently purchased a home cinema separates system, doubling as a stereo system, which comprises the following components:

Yamaha rxv440 reciever
Toshiba SD900E DVD player
Gale 3030 floorstander fronts
Gale 3050C centre
Gale 3010S rears

Since the Toshiba SD900E was designed to handle audio just as well as video I am using it as a cd player until i can afford to purchase a top end dedicated cd player.

I was expecting big things from this set up and I was extremely pleased at the relatively low cost (less than £1000) for the entire system. However it is now more than a month after it was installed and I am not happy with the sound, with particular regards to 2 things:

- The sound from the rear speakers does not seem to produce an effective sound field. The way my room is set up means that the rear speakers are almost flush with the rear wall and I'm not sure if this would affect the sound

- The sound from stereo cd's is particularly dissapointing. Vocal's do not seem clear and there is a faint hissing noise through most tracks, almost like a radio station that hasnt quite been tuned properly. I thought at first it was poor quality mp3's that i had downloaded and burned onto cd but even with good quality orginal cd's the same problems appear.

I am relatively new to the home cinema scene and would appreciate any advice on what i may be doing wrong or how to identify any problems in the system. Would buying top quality cables help or would bi-wiring the two front speakers help?

Thanks for taking the time to read this

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