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Dec 20, 2004
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I will be setting up a Home Cinema room within the next 3 to 4 months. I am currently undecided on my AV amplifier/receiver but will be paying between £500 up to £1,000. I also would like a 7.1 speaker system for Movie and Music use.
I know almost nothing about speakers except connect the positive wire to the red terminal and the negative to the black!
I would therefore like your advice on a suitable system again between £500 and up to £1,000 for the right system. To match the room setup I would prefer black speakers.
I also know nothing about wiring the speakers. I read somewhere that power cable was a good cable to use to wire the speakers up. Did I hear correct? What spec cable?
I have also heard the term ‘Bi-wireable’ being used a lot. What is this and is this important?

I have spotted two speaker systems that seem to meet my requirements and would like to know if anyone with some knowledge has an opinion.

Duo speaker system that got a good review in Home Cinema Choice.


Sorry lots of questions and a big learning curve! All advice greatfully received.


Can anyone help please?
dobbin said:
Can anyone help please?

There are loads of threads in this forum on speakers and amps for under a £1000 have a mooch around.

I have some monitor audio radius running of of an Arcam AVR250 - total cost around £2000ish (if you buy exdem you could rpobably get the speakers at half price).

If you really don't know how to rig it all up a good hifidealer will set it up for you (at a cost I would imagine) but its really not that hard.
The ACOUSTIC ENERGY set are used by a number of members here and i should say they would be recomended, never heard of the other brand, although the site seems gimicy and almost desperate and why whould you need an LED in the middle of a woofer, wouldn't that just be annoying?

If you can demo the duo, then i would but buying them blkind might be a bad idea, do yoyu have a link for this review?

For the ACOUSTIC ENERGY you should look at something like the marantz 7500/8500 for a music leaning or the yamaha 1500/2500 or 1600/2600 for a more movie leaning (the yammy's have pure direct which is very good for stereo only stuff)

Is your room large? otherwise you might be wasting money on a 7.1 where a 5.1 whould actualy sound better.
Thanks to both of you for your replies.

The review of the duo speakers was in the Sept 2005 issue of Home Cinema Choice http://www.homecinemachoice.com/
It currently only seems to have reviews up to August 2005 so it should aqppear on their site soon.

As there is no guarantee of how long they will be in business (selling direct is a risky business!) I am a little bit wary of buying from them. I will probably go with the ACOUSTIC ENERGY AEGIS EVO speakers.

I was interested to hear your comments regarding 5.1 or 7.1. I was just going on the basis that bigger is better. Is that wrong? I will be using a dedicated room that will be about 11ft square. How would 5.1 be better than 7.1?

I would also like some advice about wiring the speakers especially a decent cable to use (I want something decent but not too expensive!) and using electric cable. Also is it important for the speakers to be bi-wireable?

dobbin said:
As there is no guarantee of how long they will be in business (selling direct is a risky business!) I am a little bit wary of buying from them.

There is no guarantee how long anyone will stay in business and I don't see the "direct to customer" model being any riskier than the traditional sales through retailer model.

There have been a few corporate fatalities in the last couple of years but they have been the traditionalists. In America in particular it would seem that direct sales companies are the ones making all of the headway and SVS for example seem to be going from strength to strength.

I can't recommend these individual speakers as I haven't heard them but don't discount them just because they are not available through traditional retailers at a much higher price.
Is your room large? otherwise you might be wasting money on a 7.1 where a 5.1 whould actualy sound better.

This was an interesting reply. Using the same speakers, can a 5.1 setup sound better than a 7.1? How?
Would a room filled with 20 speakers sound better? maybe but it all depends on the setup, sound waves cacel and build upon each other and the acustics of a room can take there tole, in a larger room then 7.1 maybe advantagus, but in a smaller one the sound may get muddled by too much going on and the simplicity of a 5.1 system my be better suited.

There is very little content in more than 5.1, thus depening on the quality of decoder/amp you have your results may vary also.

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