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hello, i need some help with my new setup.
i already own the denon 2700h and its time to buy my 7.1 speakers.
so, i was thinking about the dali spector.
i have some questions though.
1. if i use 2x spector 2 , as front left and front right, how would it sound VS the spector 6?
2. some retailers, telling me that: for the left and right surround, i could use 2x wall speaker in the wall behind me.. and its the same. i used to know that u need to get the 2 surround a little back and right/left from the sitting position. hmm? i miss something here?
3. the atmos speaker i will put them on the wall in front of me, straight up from the 2 front left/right. is it worse than being on the ceiling?

thats for now, thanks in advance.


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1. Spektor 2 or 6, if you have subwoofer there isn´t going to be big difference with movies at least. Keep in mind that you need speaker stands which will add about 50-100£ cost. You could also consider the better range front three so example Dali Oberon 1 or 3 mains with Oberon Vokal. Then you can cheap out and go with Spektor 1 on stands with the "rears". I´m not sure where you can place them though as you have quite tight space with the table and window on other side.

2. Below link you can see the angles for the surround speakers. If you place them on rear wall then spread them apart good amount. Dali has Oberon On-Wall model, but if you are looking something cheaper then other brands will have to do.

3. Probably not as effective as the sound doesn´t come directly from ceiling, but i wouldn´t worry this if you can´t have on/in-ceiling speakers as when you mount pair of Dali Alteco C-1 on the front wall high up below ceiling they will certainly add new dimension.

4. If you are buying "Dali package" make sure you don´t buy their subwoofer. You have to put some links for popular hifi stores which have models that you can afford there in Greece so we can have a look is there anything decent within your budget. Normally i would advice to buy subwoofer from company that specializes in to them like SVS.


Hello and thanks for the reply.
Starting from sub, i alread own SVS PB-1000 but i am not sure if i will use it in this setup, because i have a 500 ltr tank and i am afraid of the glass with the bass. So, if i wont use a sub, i think the spector 6 is a mendatory.
As for price i was thinking to get a full speaker set without the sub at about 1000$. Its ok if it goes 1100, but not more :)
I was thinking about Oberon for front at start, but it goes way too expensive..
Oberon 5 its about 600€
The spector 2, goes for 200€
The spector 6, 440€
Spector vocal, 150€
Dali oberon, 270€
Alteco and oberon on wall its about the same price, 500€
My main problem is the 2 speakers in the photo.. i dont know where to put them!! Thats why i thought of taking them in rear wall behind the sofa and use them as back surround instead of surround..


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Ah some little piraijas there! 😄 Keep using your subwoofer, there won´t be issue as people with up to 24" driver size subwoofers haven´t blown any fish tanks, the glass in those is very strong. There is lot of threads if you google and people with multiple massive subwoofers haven´t had any issues, the fish haven´t noticed anything. Also you would miss lot of effects as the towers won´t be able to extend that low to give any impact so it would be underwhelming experience with new speakers and receiver.

You need speaker stands if you buy the Oberon 1 or 3 / Spektor 2. Now you have them on floor which is bad idea.

For me the main motivation would be to get the better Oberon Vokal over Spektor Vokal. It´s also larger so you need to measure is it even possible. If not then Spektor 2, Spektor Vokal and 600mm tall speaker stands (compare the top plate size to speaker width/depth so it ain´t little small or too large)!

Seriously i would consider some cheaper other brand surround speakers then. The position isn´t going to be most optimal (you will still connect them to surround l/r not surround back!). Check alternative brands. Lot of people all over world mix different brand surround speakers so don´t stress about it! Just look something that works in the rear wall and looks good. Maybe this way you can afford the better LCR = Oberon range! :)

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