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Hello there, I am currently deciding which home cinema system to purchase; I have seen this one (it has wireless rear speakers and is in my price range):


My question is, would it be possible to link my TV, the Samsung LE37A559P4FXXU
to the home cinema system, aswel as allowing my PC and PS3 to both use the home cinema system as there audio output?

My PC has the hardware Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit External Sound card installed (http://www.kikatek.com/product_info.php?products_id=8330&source=froogle) the specifications on that site are a little breif, it has 3 audio 3.5mm jacks (the ones used for 5.1, green orange and black) and an optical out port

What I require:
- TV > Home Cinema System
- PS3 > Home Cinema System / PS3 > TV > Home Cinema System
- PC > Home Cinema System / PC > TV > Home Cinema System

May I thank you in advance as I have used the site before and you are all very helpful

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I have figured out i can link my PS3 to TV through HDMI then my TV to Home Cinema System though Optical cable, this would cover
- TV > Home Cinema System
- PS3 > TV > Home Cinema System

I am currently struggling with the PC > Home Cinema System / PC > TV > Home Cinema System

There is a port labelled 'PC In' on the back of my Television, does anyone know what this takes? I think it's either an optical output or a 3.5mm stereo (I have never used optical before, but have seen the cables and it looks a bit strange to be a 3.5mm stereo port)

Or does anyone know another way to get the Home Cinema System to work as the PC speakers?



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You will have to connect the optical output from the PS3 directly to the sound system to get 5.1 surround sound. I'm sure you'll find that the optical connection on the TV will only output stereo sound - i.e it will not pass through 5.1 audio from the PS3.

This sound system (as with pretty much all all-in-one kits) has a very limited number of inputs for external devices. I'm pretty sure it only has one optical input, hence connecting the PS3 leaves no room for anything else.

What you could do is buy an optical switch like this:
TOSLink Switch - Digital Audio Optical Switch Only £7.82 at TVCables

This would allow you to connect the TV, the PS3 and the PC with optical cables to the single input - but you would have to manually select the source on the switcher each time you change inputs.

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