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Hi there, I really need your help and advice with a more complicated home setup. I've had this setup for years but only recently ran into problems when I bought a new monitor. I've attached a picture I drew on my Ipad Pro to show you the setup in my living room.

I recently bought the "Benq 35" curved ultra wide 144hz" for £600 and when I use the windows shortcut to extend monitors "windows+p" it suddenly didn't output any audio if my projector was plugged into the output source on the AV Receiver. So I plugged in the TV instead and then it lets me have 144hz and audio and everything worked fine when in "extended mode", I now have audio and 144hz.

Regarding outputing video/games from PC to monitor/projector/TV I've always been able to use "duplicate" mode when pressing "windows+p" but the reason I'm using "extended" mode is because when I press windows+p" and set my output to "duplicate" it won't let me select 144hz in windows and that really sucks because one of the reason I bought this monitor in the first place was for 144hz gaming.

So basically:

  • duplicate mode = 60hz with audio and no issues
  • extended mode = 144hz with audio but the AV Receiver keeps trying to switch to TV and this causes my games to go into windowed mode every few minutes which is really annoying.

So my questions to you guys are:

  • Can I somehow force 144hz to my monitor using duplicated mode?
  • Can I somehow stop my AV Receiver doing this annoying thing of trying to switch to TV during gameplay? It only seems to do this when in games?
  • Is there an easier setup I could use like a seperate sound card instead of outting sound from my GPU to AV receiver?

Other Notes:
  • Sound is outputted via hdmi from GPU to AV Receiver.
  • my monitor is using display port from GPU to monitor.
  • I also own a 5.1 creative sound card which has optical (which I dont use for anything)
  • My AV Receiver is Yahaha RX-V373.
  • I'm using windows 10.

I only bought this monitor a few days ago but it's driving me crazy as I can't seem to fix this problem, first problem I had was I couldnt set it to 144hz, then I solved that by setting it to extended mode, then I didnt have any sound in extended mode but for some strange reason I solved that problem by plugging my TV to the AV receiver with HDMI. Then now I have this 3rd problem which I only know how to solve by having the TV turned on. If I have the TV turned on when gaming then the AV Receiver doesn't seem to do anything, and everything is fine. But if I turn the TV off or unplug the TV from the AV Receiver it will suddenly try to switch to TV and I will lose audio, games crash, and games often go into windowed mode. I'm not sure if this is a handshaking issue or if there's a setting that I just need to disable like ARC etc?

I'm really hoping someone else who also uses AV Receivers and multiple displays who understands these issues can help me out with this problem.

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any help given.


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