Home Cinema Set-up PLEASE HELP!!



Hi guys,

Ive just purchased a Philips 32PW9309 TV and Philips LX3900SA DVD home cinema system and could do with some help setting it up.

At the current time the only connection between the speakers and the TV is a scart cable which is providing full surround sound on DVDs and CDs. I also want to have the sound coming out of each speaker when using my PS2 and watching Sky digital which is piped from my brothers room using one of those magic eye mouse things and is connected to the TV in the normal TV arial slot. When I have terestrial TV or Sky on the sound only comes out of the centre speaker leaving the rest to just buzz quietly.

What cableing would you all recommend to allow Dolby PL2 when using my DVD player, Sky and PS2? Please could you specify which cables and slots for which item as I am not too electronically gifted.





we've all been there mate don't worry :D

without sounding like I am taking the mick your best bet if you have no idea is to open the manual and look at the set up diagrams.

If you've read my thread you will know I love Monster stuff :devil: so here is a link to their cable guides which is pretty idiot proof (well I understood it) have a look about this site as their is loadsa info to be had :lesson:


Good luck its great when you get it right!

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