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Hi everyone, apologies if this can be found elsewhere, I've been looking but most of the stuff I have read has gone way over my head!

I'm looking into getting some home cinema speakers, but would like to be able to connect them straight up to my TV (I have a Samsung LE32R74B LCD TV). It has a Digital Audio Out (Optical), HDMI/DVI connections (HDMI and DVI Audio L+R) and an audio connector (L+R).

Would I be able to connect a system directly to the TV, or would I need an intermediary device?

As you can probably tell, I have no idea about any of this stuff so any help would be greatly appreciated!



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The speakers require amplification. You would need an all-in-one type system, where the amplifier is usually sited with a DVD player and the controls etc or inside the subwoofer unit or an AV receiver (amp) and separate speakers. You can also use PC type speakers e.g. Logitech Z5500. Some AV receivers come with speakers as part of a package e.g. Sony 890, Denon 1356XP, Yamaha AV63, Sony HT-SF1300 and so on.

Basically you need to set yourself a budget (inc a bit extra for cabling if you go for separates) and post back with what you want to achieve, type of speakers you prefer. What other devices do you have to connect?

If the only device you have is the TV, you won't get true surround sound (5.1), you will get pseudo surround sound like Dolby Pro Logic 2, DTS Neo6 and so on which basically take a 2 channel signal and mix it to give you front and rear channel effects. Obviously if you have a DVD player and so on you should be able to get true 5.1 surround sound.

Here are some links for some budget systems for you to have a look at:
Yamaha AV63
Amp and speaker packages

Obviously the more you spend (within reason) will get you a better sounding system.


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Hi Dave, thanks for getting back to me.
Not really fussed as to the type of speakers I get, but just want to be able to use my 360, Wii, DVD and TV through the system.

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