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I just bought 3 of these. Really comfortable, Makro are doing them for about £89 excl. VAT (normally about £170)


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That's vey cheap!
Do you need a membership card to shop there?
How much is it? And what are the benefits? (Except for the chair I mean ;) )


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You need a registered VAT number, but IIRC it costs nothing. It is a cash and carry shop, so don't expect a glamourous place (although there are plenty of polite people to help). The benefits of membershiip.......you get to shop there, very cheap food and drink aswell, but if you just want a few chairs see if you can lend a card.

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You can also buy them from here for £99

They're called "Slider Glider"



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I have 4 of the a sister model... and they are cheap for a reason :-(

two of ours have given up the ghost, well i say that. the leather( hmm) cshion is as flat as you like and have become really uncomfortable.

The £400 we spent could have bought a better sofa

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Surely its possible to refill the cushions if they become flat after use? As mine will only be getting occasional use I couldnt justify a higher price tag ;) or the grief off the missus the higher price tag would bring :(


If you bought a sofa... would you be happy with refilling it when it turned to mush?


Id agree...... I wouldnt want to spend money only to have to refill cushions either!

On another note..... if you have a shop called Dekko (we have it in NI) they have a lovely recliner at under £300 inc footstool. Short of the ekornes, it is the nices I have seen


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Yes Gary..it reclines, rocks and swivels (the footstool rocks aswell :) )

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I popped into Makro yesterday and had a look - very comfy indeed!

Unfortunately I need to be able to attache them to a wooden base thats across my purlin supports, so that means losing some of the lower mechanism. Pity, as they would have been ideal replacements.

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