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Hello my fellow AV enthusiasts,

Long story short, i have been trying so sell a property in the South East for what seems like an eternity. Increasingly challenging market has meant i have to think outside of the box for this one! A good friend recommended a solution: A HOME CINEMA ROOM!!

So i don't want to scrimp on this but i don't want to pay a fortune either. I feel like the first thing that will stand out to potential buyers when seeing a cinema room is the screen/projector, the seating and the lighting.

I have been a member of AV formus for a while and came across the following thread in the past, which i found to be quite useful:
Home Cinema Seating

As per the thread above, i like the look of the following Cinema seat models from DeluxDeco..

Paramount Plus Home Cinema Seating for the home - Full Electric Recline, Top Grain Leather | Delux Deco

Universal 4 Cinema Chairs - Full Electric Recline, Top Grain Leather By Delux Deco

Home Cinema Seating | Specialists | Delux Deco

I just rang them up, they have a showroom in Windsor with all the cinema ranges on display. Its about an hours drive from me so i will be popping in this weekend.

So watch this space, i will let you all know how it goes. Hopefully try and get some sneaky photos whilst i'm there as well ;).

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It is priced fairly according to my agent taking into account my local area. A public high school a few roads away and a couple of primary schools. Wouldn't have this problem if i lived up north. Brexit has added to the uncertainty!

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Indeed a family home. The hope is to get a cinema room going as a WOW factor. 'Pester power' is real as i am too well aware :facepalm:


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Don't wish to talk anyone out of AV stuff but it seems like a really drastic and expensive approach. I'm sure you've seen enough house makeover programs on the TV about making your house as attractive as you can to sell for a small amount of money and I've not yet seen them go to the expense and trouble of fitting in a home cinema or even suggested anything even remotely like it.

To build even a ultra basic half decent looking one doing all the work yourself you're looking at £10k+(depending on how much re-modelling you need to do). Now if your house is worth 500k+ that may make some sense but you'd likely get a lot more wow out of doing other things in your house. Thats assuming you've not already done them that is of course!

One thing I realised from selling and buying recently for example is most people are generally incredibly boring. They like white/beige/grey in huge quantities. Loads of people seem to like open plan (though God knows why imho). People HATE clutter and prefer houses and rooms that don't look used or lived in. They don't want to have to do a single ounce of work - not painting, moving a pot, changing a lightshade or indeed ANYTHING. So the things to make your house attractive to buyers basically involve re-painting, de-cluttering, cleaning EVERYTHING (patio, brickwork, windows, doors, skirting if you're not repainting etc) changing carpets, re-tiling etc. will all give a much bigger wow factor and are the kinds of things people generally look for. Home cinemas might look good on paper to the people who frequent this forum but I'm not convinced it's really worth the investment.

YMMV of course.


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Finally got the time to Pop into DeluxDeco this past weekend. Managed to see/test all the cinema seats they have on their website.

In all honesty they were all super comfy.

The Mrs was keen on the Paramount. It had the electric recline with cup holders and did look the part as far as cinema seats go.

That being said i preferred the Universal model. It had the same sizes as the Paramount but had a few more gadgets. It has the electric cup holder chiller to keep the drinks cool :beer::beer:, massage, led lights and finished in real leather. I just felt having these add ons would help with the 'wow' factor im going for in the property. And to be honest there was not much difference in comfort to the paramount, if any.

I showed the sales person a sketch of the room with dimensions. Seem to really know their stuff.
They recommended a 4 straight for the back row (W322cm) and x2 Armchairs for the front. That way i don't need to fit any stages for the back, and the flexibility to position the armchairs accordingly.

Managed to give me a good deal with the set up including also. Lead time 9-15 weeks.
Next step: Find a decent project..i think i know a forum for that ;)
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They're undoubtedly great chairs. Still of the opinion it's a lot of money to pay on a (imho) long shot that it's going to help your house sell. Also seems like a lot of hassle to go through for something you're probably not going to benefit much from (assuming you're going to leave it all there for the buyers to enjoy).

Then again, I'm not you and I'm not an estate agent so what I think might be WELL wide of reality :)

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