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Hi all,

I have a dedicated home cinema in my garage. Dimensions are 16feet long, 8.5 wide and 7.5 tall. I have 7 Qacoustic 3020 speaker( front LCR behind a acoustic transparent screen) and 2 2070si subs located centre front and back. The room is plastered brick walls,ceiling wooden floor but covered with a rug at the front of the room. I have eq'd the subs and have a 3db-+ curve from 30-80hz. My question is how best should I acousticly treat this room? The dual subs have sorted the low frequency bumps out so it's really just a case of optimisming everything else. I have done a fair amount of research and it seems there are a lot of contradictions. Looking for some guidance from what others have tried. Some say leave the side walls alone and some absorption /diffusion on the front,back and ceiling(floyd toole, audioholics) other say the more the better(realtraps GIK). Looking for some guidance from others that have experience here and what would be best in my smallish room.


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GIK's website is a mine of useful info. Best of all, if you tell them the dimensions etc of your room they will give you a free treatment plan for it. GIK are a good company and very reliable - they won't recommend stuff just to sell you something. Give it a go.... nothing to lose.


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Agree that GIK are really helpful. I didn’t engage them in my project at the outset, instead I’d spent ages reading up on how to build a music studio as there are so many aspects to sound treatment.

With that said, during early auditions of the room I had a terrible bass null (heavy reflection from the rear corners) on the back row of seating in two locations despite having engineered a bass trap into the stage. I fitted a couple of GIK corner traps and it’s cleared it practically. As others have said, no harm in asking for a plan from them. If it comes back to extensive, then you could always go back and ask them to re-advise with a given budget in mind.

For info, I went with a lot of accoustic isolation and treatment in my room. From constructing a room within a room to disconnect the walls and ceiling from the building walls and ceiling. I didn’t do the floor as it is already an isolated slab (by way of 75mm of kingspan - I know it’s not the ideal way, but I didn’t want to loose any more height). To full isolation mounting of acoustic plasterboard, a layer of tec-sound and then another layer of acoustic plasterboard. This is then topped with acoustic foam prior to being covered with fabric to finish the walls and ceiling (which is coffered to break up the flat surface). This extent of treatment need to be baked in from the beginning, but I still think there are plenty of options for post treatment. GIK have a good selection for you to look through.

Personally, given your description it sounds like you have a lot of flat surfaces. The ceiling, the walls and the wood floor particularly will be all be hard reflection points. I would suggest looking at some panels to put on the left and right wall and center ceiling on the first reflection points to your main listening position. Out of interest, what do you have on the rear wall? Are there any windows / patio doors with curtains or anything? Actually if you do want to consider breaking the walls up and the garage doesn’t have any windows, you can put some floor to ceiling curtains in sections along the length of the wall to break the wall up and some acoustic panels on the plain sections in between. With the right choices it could actually give a really nice finish to the wall without having lots of panels all over the place.

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