Home Cinema Recommendations ?



Hi all you experts.

Complete novice on the home cinema front would appreciate some advice. The things I need to do are :

- Watch TV (mainly sky, mainly sports) MUST HAVE TELETEXT !
[is plasma logo burn for real ? can it be avoided ?]
- Hook up my laptop and do work and play the odd game !
- Watch the odd DVD ..... not top priority.
- Possibly hook up PS/2 but not top priority.

I want top quality sound and a good balance between TV picture and PC picture.

Have looked at Fujitsu PDS-5002 which I'm told has a good balance (although it does cost a packet ... approx 6K).
Would appreciate some guidance on best Plasma and Sound system. Also, all the talk about RGB,SCART,Cabling makes me think setting up is a nightmare ......... is it that difficult ?

Thanks for any help :confused:
If teletext is a must for you then take care when going down the plasma route as the vast majority are just monitors and do not include tuners or teletext.

Skytext is obviously not a problem since that is produced by the Sky box itself.


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